As one of the best erotic massage agency in central London, Cloud9 invites you to dive into a world of sensuality and experience a deeply intimate and tantalising tantric massage…


The a look of our massage services for London area, please feel free to contact us if you should have any question or wanna book a session.

CLOUD9 Tie and Tease

150/1hour + Happy ending

Taking you to the heights of naughty , sexy sensual pleasure. Your tantra goddess will erroneously tease and sensually seduce you until she feel your body is free to surrender to her! Holding onto the sexual arousal and fireball of energy this will prolong and intensify your gratifying journey…
Learn to surrender to delightful body sensations, indulging yourself in Tantric Pleasure. Set your pulse racing with this erotic version of our Tantric massage.

Tantric Lingam Massage (Penis Massage)

100/1hour + Happy ending

Men have a lot of pressure to perform, provide and accomplish. The tantra massage is totally without goals. The tantra massage is a full body sensual massage to tune inwards and focus the mind while engaging the pleasure receptors in the body deepening awareness. Once the body is massaged the spirit is nurtured and awakened. The focus is on the first and second chakras, the area of the male G spot which is known to be the energy that leads to enlightenment. A gentle technique is used and increases recepitivity.

Use this secret technique for heightening and prolonging sexual pleasure, also heal wounded sexuality leading to increased power, vitality and longevity. As you relax and open to this new experience, you will discover the burning fire in your center that as always been there, waiting for you to ignite it. This fire is your, your life force and the energy that enpowers you on every level to create the highest vision of what you desire in your life.

Nuru Massage

150/1hour (Oral happy ending) – 130/1hour (Hand happy ending)

In this session you will receive all the benefits of a sensual tantra massage enhanced with the Nuru gel. Awaken your senses to the decadent aromas and silken texture of slipery nuru gel, melt into the ultimate luxury with natures aphrodisiac. Nuru is the best gel of sensual massage and will be generously shared as you soak up every wave of delightful ecstasy. Throughout the nuru massage you will be stroked and teased, releasing serotonin in your body. Bringing you exquisite pleasure and building arousal energy to euphoric highs.

Cloud9 Nuru massage therapy is clearly the most delicious massage, you will feel how all your fantasies wake-up whilst slippery nuru gel applied all over your body as well as masseuse’s body, and every inch of your body is massaged including your genital area. You can enjoy antioxidant and anti radical benefits of oganic nuru gel applied with a memorable tantric touch.

The session concludes as the therapist slides her body slowly against yours. Embracing mind, body and soul.

We also provide b2b massage, soapy  massage, silk stocking massage and more services, please feel free to ask or simply visit our website shows below.

Question: Will there be any sexual exchange during the massage?

Answer: To avoid misunderstandings, I must emphasize on the fact that services are purely on a massage and spiritual basis. This does not include a sexual service. Clients only play a passive role, on the other hand i am aware that the massage is a sensual and erotic experience. And that life energy is strongly connected to sexual energies. During resting time, the Chi-energy is bounded in the sex-chakra, the massage stimulates this energy, bundles it and distributes it through the body.

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The feeling of her warm breath, soft natural curves of her body and her sensitive touch gives you an experience beyond bliss. Most traditional erotic massage techniques use the hands to explore the body, but for this tantric experience your skilled Goddess will use her entire beautiful naked body and expert hands, in a carefully orchestrated dance of body glide moves, sensually caressing every inch of your body and gliding against you slowly and rhythmically, using provocative and daring body to body slides, and opening you into a state of utter euphoria, deep relaxation and total rejuvenation. All of your body, inch by inch, will feel aroused and sweetly stimulated.

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