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Serpensensual London
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K is a Tantra Teacher, a Mystic, a Sacred Sexual Healer, Sex Educator and Certified Masseuse, who works with Men, Women and Couples in London to support them in having a more magical, fulfilled life connected to their divine nature

The Lingam Massage

The deep Mystics of Tantra teach us how to merge spiritual and sexual ecstasy. It’s one of the highest spiritual arts, as it marries together soul and matter, bringing in the divinity and innocence of eroticism and spirituality.

Tantra brings magic and mystery back into our everyday lives with practices for pleasure and spiritual self-exploration, this tradition carries so much wisdom that has direct application to the modern day.

Tantric Massage as such, is an invitation into the deepest states of relaxation, self-connection and the healing power of unconditional love and presence.

The ritual of receiving this Tantric Massage is a sacred blessing to the body and an honoring of all parts of our being including what is vulnerable, what is wild and what is pleasurable.

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