is a way of Life.

Ask yourself…

Do you WANT to be able to actually CONNECT with your partner on a DEEPER level?

Do you WANT to connect with other people, FOR REAL, rather than how you connect with the grocery store clerk or Starbuck’s staff?

Do you WANT to not have to care
what Joe Schmo thinks of you?

Do you WANT a better sex life?

Do you WANT to be FULLY PRESENT in your body?

Do you want to be fully present with your partner while making love, or having animal sex? (Do you want to feel free to have animal sex?)

Do you WANT to be more comfortable in you skin, and in your body?

These are all great WANTS. Now then…

Are You Ready?

Tantra allows for ALL WANTS…
all of experiences…not just what we think about our wants, not just what we think about our experiences. It gets us OUT OF OUR HEADS, and back INTO OUR BODIES. Have you ever been distracted from a sexual or romantic experience because of your thoughts (about work, laundry, “…Oh, damn, I need to get to the grocery…oh…” whatever)? Tantra helps get us in tune with our body and our body’s wisdom. Sometimes we’re so out of touch that our body that it will cramp up or scream at us in pain. Tantra can help. Tantra helps people…


And you’re going to have a better LIFE experience by BEING PRESENT, regardless of WHAT is is that you do to pay your bills, who you’re sleeping with, or where you buy your clothes.

Tantra is Acceptance…(and audacious!)

Acceptance and inclusion of ALL of our experiences. Acceptance of our bodies, our physical sensations, our sexual feelings, our urges, our beliefs, our fantasies, our imaginations, our beliefs about our bodies, about sex, about our sex, about our desires, etc… (it includes and accepts them all).

Tantra is Technique…

The origin of Tantra had the Masculine god named SHIVA talking with the Feminine god named SHAKTI. The WORD Tantra is made up of “Tan,” and “tra” which mean “to extend, expand, spread, continue, spin out, weave; to put forth, show, or manifest.”

So Tantra is symbolically about the Masculine interweaving, and expanding WITH the Feminine, but per the Tantric Texts, it WASN’T the Masculine who had the power, it was the FEMININE. So it’s really about how these two polarities DANCE with each other AS ONE, and IN ONE, just like our bodies dance the human experience just by being in the human body.

Tantra uses many techniques to connect us back to our bodies, to interweave and expand our consciousness, to unify the polarities of the Masculine and the Feminine, and to connect us back to the greater, grander Essence of what we are so that we can be present. These techniques include moving meditations, tribal, dynamic or other breath-work, ritual, sensory awareness exercises, body work, and more.




One of the greatest spiritual challenges that many face is just SHOWING UP…It’s also one of the greatest spiritual tools and actions that we have. Showing up is a form of courage.

As your Tantra Coach…know that nudity or sex is not required, sexual practices may be prescribed as homework, and as your Tantra Coach, I can help you learn sexual enhancement techniques and help with intimacy issues. I like to bring a balance the session to help you find yours, I like to make it safe, and I like to make it a little audacious.

Welcome to
Tantra Coach!

My name is Jim and
I’ll be your Tantra Coach.

“Express yourself!” People used to say to me. But I was too scared to express myself. I was too scared to say what I REALLY wanted to say, to do what I REALLY wanted to do, to express how I REALLY wanted to express myself.

And yes, expressing my desires, from simple “you mean I can ask for that? (I’m allowed?)” to my sexual desires, even my sexual lusts…my sexual expression was the most hidden.

Then I found that, WOW, sex is a natural form of expression…it’s really OK, and my body, without doing ANYTHING is another natural form of expression. Hey, I thought…this is Cool.

Many, like myself, have hidden from their body and sexual expression by using logic and rationalization. What I can tell you from my experience, is what an awesome HEALING it’s been for me. I feel so much more whole and, well, accepting of myself totally by allowing in and embracing the illogical and non rational parts of who I am.

Tantra has helped me do this as its breathing practices help keep me out of my head. I can’t TELL you what a god-send that is. Think about it. Have you ever been having sex and had thoughts come and distract you from that intimate moment?

“What if they don’t like that, what if they see that on my body, I don’t want them to see that, what are they going to think…oh I need to go to the grocery later on”

All of these THOUGHTS, keep us from Experiencing of the Moment
and what an incredible moment our lives are.

Tantra is a path that I’ve found helps. It weaves together the experience of one’s (my) spiritual self, the soul-body with one’s (my) physical self, our physical body. It says there’s a connection there. It says that it’s beautiful. It says that it was never separate. That it is always united, always together, always one.

My intention, my vision, is to to create a safe place; a place for you to feel safe enough to express your oneness, your wholeness, and in ways that allow you to reveal your ecstatic self, the up part, the down part, the masculine part, the feminine part…and all the other parts in between.

I’m Jim, your Tantra Coach