Tantra is a centuries old practice that has developed a reputation in the West as being strictly sex-related. When most people think of tantra, they think of the Kama Sutra, which is only one facet of tantric practices and doesn’t encompass it as a whole. Tantra combines prayer, meditation, yoga and other rituals that can give a person the power to heal themselves and other people. It encourages balance, love and empowerment of all aspects of our lives.

What is tantra?

The word tantra means to “weave” and to “expand”. We are weaving all the elements and energies in our lives to bring more balance and harmony, while expanding our potential as spiritual beings. Tantric practices are a series of doctrines whose purpose it is to harmonize and maximize energy in the body, mind and spirit. It is a meditation path, which seeks to expand our senses rather than transcend them, so that we can experience life more fully.

What are the origins of tantra?

The origins of tantra are rather obscure. Its roots can be traced back to places like Tibet, China and Indonesia. It is closely tied to Hinduism and Vedic traditions. The rise of tantra acted as a sort of rebellion to the oppressive religious beliefs of the day.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Tantra?

Tantra can help you develop self-control. Through tantric breathing techniques, you can learn to channel your energy more effectively and stabilize your emotional states. Tantra will allow you to tune into your most subtle feelings and show you the things that bring you to more blissful and peaceful states. It will help you to achieve greater intimacy with yourself and others.

What Is The Relationship Between Tantra and Sex?

While tantra can help prolong lovemaking, there is much more to it. In tantra, sex can help you achieve more powerful states of ecstasy through the raising of Kundalini energy. Tantric sex can be used as a means of transformation that can help people connect more fully. In recreational forms of sex, orgasm is the end goal. Sex has no beginning or end in tantra. It isn’t a form of indulgence, but rather a means for healing and transcendence.

How Do I Introduce Tantric Sex To My Partner?

Many people suffer from shame and guilt revolving around sex that stems from family and religion. Past conditioning can be an obstacle when it comes to talking about sex, especially embracing it. Presenting yourself in an open and understanding way can help open up lines of communication between you and your partner. Include your partner in the process of learning by presenting factual information, that will peak their interest.

How Can I Learn More About Tantra?

There is literally a mountain of information out there pertaining to tantra. Just visit any bookstore, library or research the topics online. There are excellent books such as “The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy”, by Margo Anand, which can provide you with the knowledge that you need to take your tantra practice further, you can also explore tantric massage guide articles, or studying with a tantric practitioner or looking for instructional videos.