A “Tantric Massage” (and other terms) defined

Before we define “Tantric massage…” let’s define some words.

What is a “Lingam” and what is a “Yoni?” What is a “Shakti,” Where is a “Shiva?” It’s important to discuss the terms so that we’re all on the same page, and speaking the same language…so to speak.

Lingam is the word “Penis” in Sanskrit…
But in the Sanskrit language, a “linga or lingam” is a representation of Shiva (a Hindu god that I talk about below) and lingam also means Wand of Light which implies a deeper meaning than just a sexual organ. It represents a universal power of “generation.”

Yoni is the word “Vulva” in the Sanskrit language. And. According to the Encyclopedia Mythica, it also means: The origin or primal source of all being. It is represented by a triangle with its apex pointing downward, signifying female sexual organ, particularly the vulva, which in turn symbolizes the mystery of the cosmos. This symbol, by itself of conjoined with the ling, is venerated by the Shaktas (the worshippers of Shakti). Literally “womb, origin, source.” Yoni has a profound spiritual meanings, but for our terms, this is what we’re talking about.

Shiva is… one of the three “big gods” in Hindu beliefs. Shiva is often represented as a linga, or phallic symbol. Shiva represents the MALE or MASCULINE Universal energy, of generation, and, of destruction [isn’t that interesting that the masculine is the energy of “destruction?” I don’ t know that I agree with that definition, personally]

Shakti is the Universal representation of the FEMALE or FEMININE energy of the Universe. “The active manifest power that creates the universe. The consort of the male expression of the divine, especially of the god Shiva…”

“Shakti (or Sakti) is the Tantric title for the Great Goddess (Devi)…. realized as a sexual partner and as the innermost animating soul of man or god.” This last part is HUGE in implications which we won’t go into just now, but know that it’s really cool.

A “Tantric Massage…”
by it’s strictest definitions is a massage of the lingam or of the yoni. As your Tantra Coach, I want you to know that I work with a broader definition of Tantric massage which includes sensory awareness and feather touch (touch so soft that people actually ask if I’m touching them with a feather) (from my clients’ reports, it’s REALLY nice!)

A Tantric massage is very different than a private Tantra session…
For how I define a Tantra Session, see the Private Sessions page of where I talk about “A gateway into your experience…” Many in the “new age” or “spiritual” communities will use the words “Lingam” and “Yoni” rather than their English counter-parts, and I do, too.

I personally use these words because…
in my experience at least, I hear so much judgment (the making of something/someone wrong) from people when discussing these natural parts of our bodies (I would guess that’s why others use the words lingam and yoni, too, but it’s only my guess). When I use the words Yoni and Lingam, I’m connecting to the spiritual meanings of the words in addition to the body parts that they may represent. It’s easier to say that “I’m going to get a foot massage” than “I’m going to get a penis massage” !



Types of Tantric Massage

Individual Tantric
An individual Tantric massage is about exploring and experiencing a sacredness of yourself through those parts of your body that are representations of the divine. (HUH?) (Tantra says that a male and female human body are not really body but manifestations of the male and female polarities of the Universe itself).

Visualization and sensations of sound, breath and body help awaken and enliven your sexual and physical body energies and reconnect with the Eternal part of you that runs through you. It’s an intimate experience that goes way beyond the definition of physical intimacy, it’s about
Self Intimacy…Intimacy with your Self.

Sacred Spot
is an INCREDIBLE experience that really does promote Self Loving by ACCEPTING all that’s present in the moment.

Often there is an experience curve that my clients often experience when in a Sacred Spot massage: A nervousness phase (for new clients), an anticipation phase (for returning clients) followed by an erotic phase, which is
where it’s no longer just an erotic experience, but, a true, honest to god experience of BLISS, an ecstatic, trance like place of connection of body sex and spirit.

Couple or Partner
A couple or partner Tantric massage is a way of creating, reconnecting and even “re-learning” healthy intimacy with your partner

It includes demonstrating clear, deeply honest communication, boundary exploration, limit setting, and relaxation, just like in a Tantra Partner Session, but here, using massage, and sensory awareness techniques, it’s clearly using the body as the vehicle for connection.

Here, you and your partner can explore sensual touch from your partner’s perspective as you learn to listen not from your ears but from your heart, and, from the body. There may be new awareness’s of your own sexual or gender expression that can deepen your connection, with your partner, and,
with yourself.

Intention Setting…
What is it that you’d like to experience in your massage session? How do you want to feel physically…emotionally? What do you want your thoughts to be? What do you want to experience?

I’m Jim, your Tantra Coach,

Welcome to your ecstatic experience