Reasons for you to chose naturist massage

Massage is one of the oldest techniques in the modern history. It is done for several purposes and requires a high level of technique. Naturist massage is a type of massage in which you have to strip naked for the massage to be done. The masseuse is also required to be naked as they use their body as the tool for massaging the client.

Most people wonder why a massage should be done this and whether there is another way in which these objectives can be met. One of the major reasons for having the naturist massage when nude is to be able to stimulate the nerve endings on the skin. This has very many advantages which include;

Relieving stress; when the nerves on the skin are stimulated by massage, they release endorphins which play an important role in reducing the chemical cortisol and noradrenalin in the body. These chemicals are responsible for increasing stress and their reduction in the body reverses the effects of stress. When this happens, you will not only feel relaxed but you will also experience as sense of well being.

Reduce high blood pressure; naturist massage encourages blood circulation in the body. This is an important factor in reducing high blood pressure which is primarily caused by improper blood circulation. This also improves the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to other parts of the body encouraging their well being.

Removal of toxins from the body; this goal of naturist massage is coupled with proper blood circulation. When important nutrients and oxygen are transported to the parts of the body, removal of wastes from these parts of the body is encouraged. The wastes and toxins removed from these parts of the body are flushed out of the body by the lymphatic system. This is very important because it protects the body from diseases and disorders that can compromise the normal functions of the body.

Improving mobility and flexibility; naturist massage helps to relax the muscles relieving pain and improving flexibility of the joints. This improves mobility because the muscles and joints are relaxed and can be moved without a problem. Sports men and women should ensure that they have this kind of a massage after an active day. That way, they will be able to undertake other chores without any difficulties.

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Cost of naturist massage

The cost of naturist massage varies depending on several factors. One of the key determinants is the experience of the masseuse. Highly experienced masseuses tend to charge much higher compared to masseuse who are new to this business. Although they charge higher, their services are much better and you will definitely be impresses by their expertise. Another thing that determines the cost of the naturist massage process is the location. You will find that some cities do not have experienced naturist masseuses while other cities have hundreds of them. Cities with few or no naturist masseuses will have elevated costs compared to those that have many and experienced masseuses.

Depending on these factors, the price of this procedure ranges between £80 and £120 for a forty minute massage, £150 and 200 for a one hour session and about £250 for a ninety minutes session. The price is subsidized with increase in time. Therefore, when you have a naturist massage for longer, you pay much less compared to a thirty minutes or a one hour session. However, always ensure that you take a session that you can pay comfortably without straining. If you would like to be on the safe side, be budgeting for the naturist massage sessions.