The Yoni is the female intimate part. It’s a word used by Tantric massage practitioners.

The term Yoni is a beautiful word for the female intimate body part, which is used primarily by Tantric massage experts and practitioners. It is an ancient Sanskrit word which is also referred to as the divine passage. The male counterpart for Yoni is the Lingam, which is the male phallus. Together these images and terms make up both male and female sources of energy in Hindu beliefs as well as Tantric ideology. In the parlance of the adult massage world, however, you will usually see a Yoni Massage listed as a service, which refers to a massage of the vagina and other intimate lady parts.

While erotic massage is primarily associated with men, the world of sensual professional massage has been changing over the past few decades. As women assume positions of power in the work force, they are finding that they are more in need of a form of stress release than ever before. This includes access to the same types of sensual or erotic forms of massage that men seek out to unwind. With a Yoni Massage, a woman is able to relax and experience a full feeling of relief and relaxation, free from stress or worries that may plague her.

There are many different types of practitioners who offer Yoni Massage to women. If you are interested in finding a professional who is able to perform this erotic and sensual form of massage, you could look first at agencies, or find a private practitioner who is experienced with Tantric massage arts. Some women prefer to have a male masseur perform this type of erotic massage, while others may prefer a female masseuse. There are numerous bisexual masseuses who are well schooled in the Tantric arts, as well as straight males who can perform erotic release techniques for women.

A Yoni Massage will begin with attention paid to the woman’s full body, with slow, gliding strokes that can wash away tension from her body and leave her feeling relaxed and carefree. The masseur or masseuse will then focus more on her erogenous zones, including her breasts and the area around her Yoni. Eventually, the focus will move entirely to the Yoni, with small, stimulating, light strokes. Every woman likes to be pleased in a slightly different way, so the masseuse will be able to respond to what the customer seems to enjoy, for the ultimate form of eventual release.

As with all forms of Tantric massage, the Yoni Massage can be quite intense. It is meant to lead to a form of complete relaxation for the woman. With the stress and any other blockages removed from her body through the art of massage, she will be ready to face the world again. Not all massage parlours will specialise in this type of massage, so it’s helpful to call around to find professionals who are able to offer the unique skills that it takes to offer a woman the ultimate form of manual pleasure, derived through the erotic art of ancient touch.