The sensuality of erotic tantric massage


Tantric massage is one of the massage procedures that are highly associated with sensual touch. As such, it is one of the best procedures of carrying out an erotic massage. An erotic tantric massage as the name suggests is a type of massage that focuses on sexual pleasure using tantric practices. The fact that tantric practices are used means that the massage achieves more than just sexual pleasure.

Erotic tantric massage is all about the use of sensuous touch on the body’s most underestimated sexual organ; the skin in order to enhance erotic stimulation. The technique focuses on the many nerve endings that are found on the skin. The massage will make use of different massage practices such as Swedish massage long strokes and skin kneading, aromatherapy, use of music to enhance mood and sometimes Californian massage techniques. This type of massage can be carried out in a sex sauna, massage parlors and studios or in the comfort of your own home. With enough experience and guidance via videos and teaching, you can also get a relaxing erotic tantric massage from your spouse in the comfort of your own bedroom.

What erotic tantric massage entails

A common misunderstanding regarding erotic tantric massage is that it involves sexual intercourse. Contrary to this belief, erotic tantric massage does not involve penetrative sex at all. However it does have a lot of sensuality as the name would suggest. This massage is carried out when both the masseuse and the receiver are fully nude. It also involves total stimulation of all the erotic zones in the body of the receiver. The procedure ends in multiple orgasms for the part of the client. The purpose of the nudity is to aid the masseuse in transferring sensuality to the receiver’s body.

As aforementioned, the massage involves touching of every part of the body including the intimate and erotic zones such as the lingam (penis) and the yoni (vagina). When the massage is beginning, the masseuse will give attention to every part of the body from head to toe and especially beginning when the receiver is lying on their belly. The yoni and lingam are avoided at first in order to allow the receiver time to relax and be totally at peace with the massage session and the masseuse with no tension or knots in the muscles.

Once the client is totally relaxed, special attention starts being paid to either the yoni or the lingam depending on the gender of the receiver. Yoni and lingam massage should be gentle and loving without putting any pressure. If you are doing it as a couple, you should refrain from lovemaking as this will only steal from the ritual. You should allow the ritual to be complete on its own.

Benefits of erotic tantric massage

The sensual touch involved in erotic tantric massage is very relaxing mentally, physically and even emotionally. It helps in stimulating blood circulation throughout the body and smoothening out knots and tension from the muscles. This creates an energetic and happy mood in the body that gives rise to very many physical and mental benefits. Massage experts say that erotic tantric massage reduces blood pressure and contributes to longevity significantly. In men, it promotes good prostate healthy. Erotic tantric massage brings sexual healing. It does away with sexual inhibitions that have plagued one’s life for so long and holding them back in intimacy. Emotional healing is also part of the package of erotic tantric massage. The feeling of well being promoted by this type of massage eliminates stress and consequently, all the conditions that come along with stress such as high blood pressure and depression.


Create Magical Moments with Tantric Massage

London is the exotic place in UK for experiencing the pleasure of Tantric and other sensual massages. Tantric massage consists of a marvelous selection of independent therapists and qualified establishments to choose your best from. You should be aware of the fact that though there are so many therapists and establishments but still you should consider the quality, experience and skills of the massagers. You need to carefully analyze if the establishments are genuine and clean without any sexual explicit intentions such as the sexual massage parlor. There are so many parlors that grab your valuable hard earned money at expensive premium rates and offers cheap unauthentic massage that will never be same as the tantric massage.

Tips for spotting the best tantric massage parlor in London

    1. West end of London perfect place for tantric massage
      The first tip that I can offer for those who are desperately searching for the best tantric massage is that you can spot one around the west end of London because there are numerous companies and establishments with qualified authentic massagers.
    2. Web site for the therapist or the establishments
      You can filter your search with more detailed information that you can collect from the web sources. Check if the establishment that offers tantric massage in London has a web site of its own. You can search through the search engines with the keyword as tantric massage to find the best deal with legitimate service offerings.
    3. Questions to ask the therapist or the establishment
      Once you are satisfied with the web site about the particular tantric massage establishment or therapist in London it is essential that you call or visit them in person to ask certain details and questions to them. Before entering in to any kind of contract with them discuss with the therapist about their services, the experience of their massagers, the price rates and check the quality in order to experience exhilarating pleasure.Dear friend once you have spotted the best tantric massage establishment or therapist it is important that you enquire about the following questions in detail.

      • Does the establishment offer “in call” Tantric Massage Service?
      • Does the establishment offer “out call” Tantric Massage service?
      • Does the establishment offer masseurs and masseuse that provide a tantric massage especially for men and women. This question is very important because not all establishments consist of masseurs or male massager to massage. Therefore it is important that you ask them this question if you want one.
      • Ask them how many therapists they have? The more the number more will be the quality of the concern. And also check if all of them are well trained and fully qualified.
      • Tell them that you need only well trained and skilled massage therapist.


  1. Cost of the tantric massage in London
    The most important thing that you should remember is to bear in mind that once you have decided to taste the exquisite thrill of the exotic tantric massage it is essential that you never bother about the cost. The term Cheap should never be uttered by you because you get what you pay for. The exotic tantric massage can be done only by fully trained excellent massage therapist and so if you want the best then it might be little expensive. But remember it is more than worth the money since it offers you erotic pleasure with the ultimate touch. Some establishments might offer a cheap service but they are not authentic massage.
  2. Etiquette, courtesy and hygiene
    You need to remember that in case you are visiting the best tantric massage then you will be enjoying total pleasure with some really erotic intimate moments with your therapist. And therefore it is very essential to understand that you should be clean and hygienic by taking good bath and have your genitals also smells good. Dress up nicely to make a good impression for that magical moment. And make her or him feel special by offering a box of chocolates or something like that in order to commence the session with sizzling moments.


The basics of prostate massage

The prostate is one of the most important organs in the male reproductive system. It is tasked with production of semen which is the fluid that carries sperms and it is also a major contributor of the male orgasm. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most vulnerable glands in the body of a male. This is evident from the ever increasing number of people suffering from prostatitis and prostate cancer. In most of the cases, prostate health woes are caused by lack of or insufficient flow of healthy blood in this gland. This is where prostate massage comes in.

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage is also known as prostate milking. It has been around for centuries and has been used majorly as a part of holistic healing of the prostate. At the very basic, prostate massage is the massaging of the prostate tissue in the male body. The prostate is located adjacent to the rectum. The terms massage and milking are used simultaneously to describe the prostate massage process. However, milking is more inclined to removal of prostatic fluid and reduction of sexual activity while massage refers more often to relief of the symptoms of prostatitis in the prostate.

Prostate massage procedure

Prostate massage is a fairly common medical procedure. However, it is also used as a sexual practice as the prostate is the male G-spot. Stimulation of the prostate alone can through prostate massage or receptive anal sex can lead to achievement of an orgasm in the male. The prostate massage procedure can be carried out using fingers or devices and equipment that has been developed specifically for this purpose.

Prostate massage can take place internally or externally. Internally, the giver inserts their finger or the device being used for the massage into the rectum of the receiver through the anus. Care must be taken not to irritate the delicate wall of the rectum. Once inserted, the giver looks for the prostate tissue and stimulates it using different types of soft motions. Externally, you can massage the prostate by pressing against the perineum. This might feel more comfortable and less painful for some men.

If you find the finger too short to reach the prostate or you do not want to use a finger as the giver, you can use devices for this purpose such as prostate massager, dildos, G-Spot vibrators and butt plugs. These devices will give light repetitive and circular motions that stimulate the prostate. Proper lubrication should be used with the equipment in order to eliminate any friction that could cause pain. Also, it should not be thrusted as that will only cause discomfort not to mention the risk of injuring the anal passage.

Benefits of prostate massage

That prostate massage is a very beneficial medical procedure is a fact known all too well. The procedure has been used for a long time in relief of the symptoms of prostatitis. Prostate massage stimulates the flowing of the trapped fluid out of the prostate decreasing swelling and flow out of the bacteria causing inflammation as well. It is also known to decrease the risk of prostate cancer by increasing blood flow to the prostate and reducing the incidence of infections which could increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Prostate massage is also known to reduce the incidence of impotence. The massage promotes free flow of blood in the prostate and also to the penis. This reduces the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Prostate massage is also famous for increasing the intensity of the male orgasm. This is because the prostate is the male G-spot and its stimulation increases fluid flow leading to strong sensations.