In healing sessions with women, the emphasis is on embracing your sensuality and sexuality, reconnecting you with your feminine essence and discovering your inner goddess. Healing of past sexual wounds can be brought about, helping you to truly release and let go thereby enabling you to surrender to the pleasure that is the birthright of every woman. Each session is COMPLETELY BESPOKE for females and depends on your personal needs and goals.

Tantric Massage For Women

The Tantric Bodyworship for Women: designed to take you on a unique Tantric Erotic Journey of Discovery. Your Tantric Therapist will start working on your body, building your arousal energy, by heightening and teasing your senses Using very light, long and gentle sweeping strokes stimulating the skins little receptors…the healing art of touch, skin on skin, breath, sound, many different feathers, silk, hot oil. Once the oil goes on this is the ‘anointing’ of the body moving into sensual strokes of adoration. This is a full body sensual massage ending with Yoni Massage.

121 bespoke Female Sessions – embracing the Goddess Within:

Working with your Tantric Therapist on a deep and very personal journey.
These sessions are completely tailor made for your specific goals and needs, healing, empowerment, discovery, emotional trama, sexual trama.

Sensual Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist massage, slow, intimate and very sensual using scented or non scented oils to help glide around the body and sensually stimulating all areas of the body from top to tail.

Healing Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Swedish massage ending in Chakra balancing, the focus on harmonizing and balancing the bodies natural energies.

What is Yoni massage?

Tantric Rituals

This is your time to be nurtured, as women we are the nurturers and need to ensure we make time for ourselves to be pampered. Visit a place where there are no little feet running around or needing dinner or such like the list is endless, no noise, and no-one with perhaps larger feet 🙂 making demands on you
You will be able to soak, relax and unwind in a safe and magical space whilst being massaged and cleansed.