All about London therapists

Massage is one of the fastest growing forms of therapy in the modern world. The practice has especially been embraced in European countries and more especially UK. Massage therapy in the UK is a fully fledged career on its own and now more than ever, people are increasingly choosing it as a career path. Of course the heart of massage therapy in the UK is London. Here, you are likely to find very many massage therapists in the numerous spas located in the city. London therapists are some of the most experience massage therapists perhaps due to the fact that massage has been openly welcomed in this city and people are less conservative when it comes to recent massage types such as nudist massage, sensual massage and such.

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London therapists massage services

As aforementioned, London therapists are some of the most experienced massage therapists there are. They are involved in recent procedures and the customer base is not as conservative making business good for the therapists. When it comes to massage, there are several types of services that London therapists offer. These include;

Relaxation massage: This type of massage is aimed at relaxing the receiver. It is gentle and not very intense and it involves working on upper muscle tissue to stimulate blood flow and relaxation. Usually, it is conducted using scented oils in a room lit with candles and soft music in the background. Sports massage: This type of massage targets the connective tissue and deep muscles. If involves finger pressure and long hard strokes and it is quite intense. It aims at preventing and managing sports sustained injuries and increasing flexibility.

Rehabilitative massage: This type of massage targets people with injuries in order to promote recovery and restoration of full range motion. They locate the source of muscle spasms and try to restore them to their natural state.

Myofascial release: This is a type of rehabilitative massage carried out by London therapists. It focuses on the Myofascial tissue applying gentle pressure that is sustained in order to relax contracted muscles and promote lymphatic and venous drainage.

Swedish massage: This massage is focuses more on increasing blood circulation. It increases the circulation about four times the normal promoting release of toxins that have been stored in muscles and promoting energy flow.

Warm stone massage: This uses warm river stones placed on strategic points to promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Choosing appropriate London therapists

When choosing the appropriate London therapists for massage, the major factor that will come into play is the type of massage you want. Once you have an idea the kind of massage you want, it should not be hard to find a professional. When settling on a professional, look for someone who has experience and skills in the field of massage that you want. Also, you need to settle on a massage therapist that you will be comfortable working with as massage is all about relaxing.

Where to find London therapists

London therapists are not at all difficult to find especially considering that massage is very popular in the London. If you are familiar with the locality, you can check in at some of the famous spas in the city. Also, you can get a friend to recommend good London therapists. The easiest way to look for good and qualified London therapist for massage is by using the internet. Online searches will yield information about various therapists in this city and the type of massage they specialize in. Just to be sure that you get the best, you can make use of customer reviews regarding your choice therapist to determine whether they will deliver to your expectations.


What is a Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage is one of the major components of tantric massage. Tantric massage has its roots in Tantra which is one of the religious branches of the Hindu religion. As such, the word Lingam has its roots in Hindu. As a matter of fact it is Sanskrit for ‘Wand of Light’ and it is used to refer to the male genital organ; the penis. The name ‘wand of light’ is used in reference to the fact that the lingam is seen as channel for pleasure and creative energy and as such is honored as a vital part of scared sexuality.

Lingam massage explained

Lingam massage is simply massage of the male penis conducted as part of tantric massage. It is an ancient practice in Eastern cultures where the lingam is an honored organ that is worshipped. In the Eastern cultures, genital massage was considered a very important part of leading a healthy life. The genitals have reflexology pints connecting to most of the vital organs in the body such as heart, spleen and lungs. As such, genital massage as a whole and lingam massage in part was seen to be very beneficial to one’s health. Also, learning about ejaculation control was a part of the Eastern culture and this was greatly aided by lingam massage.

Lingam massage procedure


The procedure for lingam massage begins with the right preparations to create conducive environment for the massage to take place. The room where the massage will take place is very important and both parties need to feel comfortable in the room. If it is a couple, the bedroom will work as long as it has been cleaned up and is neat. Next, you can light some candles and get comfortable pillows and blankets and play some soft music in the background. To get your sex god to relax completely, get him to take a bath and empty his bladder and bowels. At this point, the massage can begin.

The first part of the actual lingam massage is to create a connection with your sex god so that he can experience the joy of your touch without being pressured to perform or give back as has been the tradition. You can do this hugging or holding each other until your thoughts connects. Next, get the man to relax and lie on his back. Put a pillow under his head so that he can look at you as you give the massage and under his hips to raise the lingam and expose it totally.

The massage process

Sit in a comfortable position between his legs and start by massaging his legs, chest and thighs before touching the lingam. Next, pour a generous amount of massaging oil on the shaft of the lingam and the testicles. You can now start to massage the testicles with slight pressure as they are very sensitive. Also massage the pubic bone above the lingam and the perineum gently. Next, move to the shaft and massage using simple moves starting for the base of the shaft upwards and switching hands in the process. You can also do a downward movement and switch hands as well.

The head of the lingam should be paid special attention to as it is very sensitive. You can massage this area using circular motion followed by downward motion along the shaft. The Lingam will alternate between soft and hard. If the man nears ejaculation, back off a little and get him to breathe for the lingam to soften then continue with the massage. This is usually a very effective way to control and delay ejaculation so that he can achieve multiple orgasms. The massage should be soft and sensual avoiding replicating a hand job whose aim is usually ejaculation.