Full Body Orgasms In Women

Most people believe that orgasms are centered in the genitals and they aren’t. It’s truly a full body experience and there is no limit to the amount of sexual energy that the body can contain. For women, an orgasm doesn’t result in the loss of sexual energy as it does in men, which is why most women are capable of having extended, multiple and even full body orgasms. During a full body orgasm the entire body is flooded with orgasmic energy, which can not only prolong lovemaking, it can be taken outside the sexual context and transmuted into creative energy. Orgasms that are centered in the genitals are similar to letting out a good sneeze. They are reflexive in nature and are over as quickly as they began.

Relax the pelvis…

As women approach orgasm, many automatically tense their bodies up, causing their backs, legs and hips to contract. When we are forcing the orgasm to happen, it limits the sensory experience to one area only. When you consciously focus your attention on relaxing into the rising sensations, you will flood your body with more sensual energy, leading to full body orgasms.

woman orgasm

Many women have the habit of clenching up their pelvic muscles and even momentarily stop breathing as they are approaching orgasm, trying to squeeze out every last sensation, as though they cannot trust their own bodies to do what is supposed to come so naturally. Relaxing and rocking the pelvis during intercourse or masturbation can help disperse the sexual energy, but many find that this distracts them from their goal of achieving an orgasm. Therein lies the problem.

Men are by nature more goal-oriented, while women are more process-oriented

However, in this day and age there has been a lot of gender confusion when it comes to sex. No wonder, such a large portion of women have some form of sexual dysfunction! Women are no match for their male counterparts when it comes to sex.Their sexual natures are inherently different.

According to Taoist philosophy, a woman or yin energy, acts as the receiver for the male yang energy. For women, entering into a receptive state by relaxing and breathing deeply during sex, can produce much more satisfying orgasms. Women need to learn to divert their attention from trying to have an orgasm (striving for a goal), which causes the body to be filled with adrenaline and other stress-hormones, to allowing the orgasm to happen (trusting the process), which fills the body with endorphins and pleasure-producing chemicals.

When it comes to full body orgasms, breathing is key

We tend to breathe rapidly when we are aroused which pools our energies in only one area. Slow and controlled breathing in the abdomen can help extend orgasms as well as spread the energy throughout our bodies, leading to full body orgasms. Also, the connection between you and your partner can greatly be enhanced by synchronizing your breathing patterns. Deep breathing during arousal and orgasm also helps by removing the energy blocks in the body, allowing orgasmic energy to travel freely through the chakras.

Try the Tantra Meditation. It’s an excellent breathing technique that can help you cycle orgasmic energy throughout the body.

“The issues are trapped in the tissues”, says Steve P. For sexual energy to be able to move freely through the body may require a release of blocked energy, caused by emotional issues. Guilt, shame and sexual repression can cause muscle tension in the genital area, leading to an excess of energy with nowhere to go. Which is why orgasm and arousal is a genital experience for most people.

The Tantra massage entails deep tissue massage of the pelvic and genital region in women, helping disperse the sexual energy and opening up the channels that will make every orgasm a full body experience. So with the gradual clearing of trapped emotions and the raising of sexual energy, we can release our past traumas and conditioning, while opening up to a greater source of power and creative energy.