Who are Massage Therapists?

A Massage therapist is a person who has the knowledge and experience of utilizing certain hands on techniques and strategies to relieve stress and improve blood circulation in the body of a client. Some of these strategies include kneading, long strokes, smooth strokes and other techniques to massage the body of a client. This career is among the most sought after careers in the world today. This has been sparked by the fact that most people nowadays are appreciating the health benefits of the different types of massages.

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How to become massage therapists

Becoming one of the few massage therapists is not any different from all other careers. You have to undertake a course whose term depends on what you are looking for. You can take a one year certificate course, an associate degree for two years or a bachelor’s degree for four years. Once you have these educational qualifications, you can be employed in one of the few massage parlors or start you own place where you can offer the massage therapists services. If you feel like you would like to further your educational qualifications, you can take a masters degree in massage therapy and even a PHD degree in this course. By the time you are done with all the levels, you will have great hands on experience in massage therapy.

Where to study massage therapy

Tantric Massage courses are relatively new in the world and they are not offered in most universities. Since the universities offering the course are few, getting a university where you can study this course is a challenge. If you find yourself in this fix, you do not have to worry. There are several universities in the world that offer the course through online platform. All you need is to get to their website, choose the level at which you would like to study and pay the necessary fees. At that point, you will be enrolled for the course and you will be informed on when the classes will be and when to take your exams.

Although this is a great way to study massage therapists course, there are several challenges. One of the major challenges of this is lack of practical lessons. As you may know, massage therapy is a practical course and there is need to be taught how you will be doing the various techniques and strategies. The best that can be offered is provision of videos to follow. This is not as good compared to when an instructor would explain face to face the dos and don’ts. To get the hands on experience, you can consider looking for a place where they offer massage services for an internship. There, you will perfect all you have learned and gain other relevant skills.

How much do massage therapists earn?

One of the major questions most people will ask when they are considering the massage therapists career is how much massage therapists earn. The amount of money earned by massage therapists is dependent on several factors. One of these factors is education qualification. Those with higher qualifications like bachelors or masters degree earn higher compared to those who have certificate or associate degree. Another thing that determines the amount earned is where you are based. Different regions have varying wage guidelines. Those in countries with better wage guidelines earn much better compared to countries where the wage guidelines are not followed. According to earning guidelines, massage therapists should earn a minimum of £30,000 every year. You can earn higher depending on your qualifications and experience you have in massage therapy techniques and strategies.


Services offered by Massage therapists in London

Massage therapy is becoming a major way of removing toxins from the body as well as relaxing. There many people who are engaging in the field of massage therapy and are found across major cities across the world. London in England is not an exception to this wave of development. There are many massage therapists who offer their services from the heart of London. Unlike what most people are aware, there are several types of massage therapies that are offered. These services differ in the techniques and strategies that are used to massage.

List of massage therapies

One of the reasons why people spend time and money on massage is to relax. It is certain that most people just want to relax away from the busy schedules and getting a massage is probably the best way to ensure this. The massage therapist in London applies average pressure to your body using the hands. They manipulate the hands to knead and press the body with their fingers making the body to relax. This is because the nerve endings on the skin are stimulated.

Another reason why some people like to have massage is for well being. It has been realized that massage plays an important role in ensuring the well being of the body. Massage allows proper blood circulation which reduces blood pressure and allows distribution of nutrients and oxygen to all the parts of the body. At the same time, toxins and other waste products are moved to the lymphatic system where they can be removed from the body. This protects the body from diseases and conditions which are caused by improper blood circulation and waste products in the body. Sports massage is a type of massage that targets sportsmen and women. These people push their bodies to the limit and they may experience strains or even injuries to different parts of the body. This kind of massage which is also offered by most massage therapists in London involves relieving pain, strains and allowing the body to move and reflex with ease.

Deep tissue massage is another type of massage that has become quite popular with some people. As the name suggests, this involves stimulating tissues ad cells which are found deep in the skin. The massage therapists in London use slow strokes and some friction techniques to stimulate the tissues located deep in the skin. Therapists recommend this type of massage to people who are recovering from injuries, painful muscles and postural problems. Pregnancy massage is a type of massage offered by most massage therapists based in London. It is specifically for pregnant women and helps them to maintain a normal functioning body. It is based on the fact that some women relax and become cautious as soon as they realize they are pregnant. The massage therapist will modify the massaging techniques to suit these women. Massage helps to relieve stress, aches, pain and to reduce anxiety.

How much do massage therapists charge?

Massage therapists in London charges vary depending on the experience they have and the time you would like to have the massage. Experienced masseuses who have been in this business for a long time charge higher rates compared to those who are new to the business. The standard charge for an hour long massage is between £100 and £300 depending on the location of the massage therapist in London. Those located in wealthy suburbs tend to charge higher compared to other regions within London. This rate may also change depending on how long you would like to have the massage. The longer you have the massage the favorable the rates. For example, a three hour massage will cost about £200. At times, you may also be given discounts by some massage therapists in London.