Tantric Sex Technique #2: The Power Of Tantric Breathing

“The single most important key to sex that I’ve yet discovered is conscious rhythmic breathing; the more you breathe the more you feel and the more you come alive. Many of us breathe only enough to survive but not to live fully. Deep breathing is a door to waking up to healing and to more personal freedom.”
— Annie Sprinkle, PhD. and Tantrica

What is tantric breathing and how can it help my sex life?

You don’t have to be a tantric master, guru or yogi to understand the power of deep abdominal breathing or tantric breath in transforming a lukewarm sex life into one that’s sizzling hot…

To begin, it would be helpful to understand the biology behind breathing and it’s relationship with sex. You are probably well aware of how important breathing is a when engaging in strenuous exercise, such as weight lifting or cardiovascular activities. When we draw in oxygen through the nose, we release what’s known as nitric oxide into our system, which serves to regulate our blood pressure, ward off infections and more importantly, deliver blood to different organs.

The way sex is performed by the vast majority of people, women in particular is that they go through these peaks and valleys…the oohs and ahhs…the huffing and puffing…hyperventilating… And just as they are about to climax…Everything stops. They tense their entire body up from head to toe and STOP BREATHING and if they are lucky, they’ll have a mini-orgasm lasting a few seconds at best…

hold your breath during sex

hold your breath during sex

The truth is, women’s bodies were designed for full body and multiple orgasms according to tantric philosophy. But because women tend to hold off their breath and hyperventilate during sex, their bodies lack in oxygen and their orgasms tend to localized in the genital region rather than the entire body.

Just think about it. The less oxygen you have running through you during sex, the less nitric oxide is produced. The less nitric oxide is produced, the less blood flows into your genitals, decreasing engorgement (in women) and weakening erections (in men).

Here’s where tantric breath with tantric sex can help. You have to start by literally re-training your body for deep abdominal breathing and if you already naturally do, you are way ahead of the game. But because we live in such a fast-paced, high-stress society, it’s no wonder the vast majority of adults have become shallow breathers. The reality is that we weren’t born that way. Just look at babies and you will see that they naturally breathe in their lower abdomen.

Deep abdominal breathing is powerful and there are many techniques to do it. I like to practice a form a rhythmic breathing which entails, placing your hand over your navel, inhaling slowly and fully to the count of 4 and exhaling at the same rhythm. It sounds easier than it actually is. What most people will notice is that their breath stops short of their diaphragm. Just relax and don’t force your breath into your abdomen. As you grow more accustomed to breathing in this way, you will begin to open up channels, allowing the energy to reach your lower belly.


Another technique is to inhale deeply into your abdomen, focusing on a point 2 inches below the navel and as you exhale focus on the crown at the top of your head. You can intensify the exercise by exhaling with a loud guttural sigh. Consciously breathing in this way during sex, is especially important for women who sometimes have difficult reaching orgasm and often suffer from a variety of sexual disorders.


On a final note, once you’ve practiced these exercises so that they become second nature to you, you can then begin to incorporate them into your lovemaking to boost sexual energy between you and your lover, prolong intercourse and just bring you to new heights of sensual ecstasy…Naturally.

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