Osho, Kama Sutra, Sex

Osho, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, was known worldwide as the “sex guru”. Till today he still has the dubious reputation of being the “sex guru” and yet, he himself said he was the most “anti-sex” person in the whole world. He believed in the sanctity of love and monogamous sex between a man and his wife. He was anti-church, anti-religion, and anti-pornography, blaming them for all the perversion and abnormal obsession with sex that exists.

Priests and religious leaders, he said, repress sex, and the anti-priests (those who sell sex via magazines, etc.) make sex more glamourous. Although they appear to be enemies, in fact, they are the flip side of the same coin. They are one and the same. Osho said when religion disappears, pornography will die with it.

Osho advised we should have a sexual relationship only when we have a loving relationship. When love and sex become associated then the energy starts moving upwards to a higher center. When we make love with one person that energy stores and builds up taking the couple to powerful and profound heights.

Osho was a prolific writer, who authored more than 200 books, yet the only book people talk about and remember is the one about sex. He was so way ahead of his time, he was persecuted like many saints before him. His teachings were so misunderstood and misinterpreted, that governments considered him “dangerous”.


The Kama Sutra has for centuries been associated with kama sutra positions, yet only about 20% of the entire treatise is dedicated to sex. The text is addressed mainly to the wealthy sovereign living in the city, giving detailed information how to live ethically, enjoy the arts, and have an erotic lifestyle. Although polygamy was practiced, the author, Vatsyayana,a Brahmin, believed that sex should be a sacred act practiced between one man and his wife. He stressed that living a life of virtuous conduct did not have to undermine erotic pleasures.

Hopefully, true understanding will someday replace the misconceptions about sex, and someday sex will be accepted as a natural function of life that does not need to be feared, condemned, sensationalized or commercialized.

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