Tantric Sex and You

Tantric Orgasms for Women & Men

The general belief is that women have the capability of experiencing three different kinds of orgasms:

  • Clitoral
  • Vaginal
  • Blended

In Tantra massage a new kind of orgasm can be experienced by both women and men, the energy orgasm, often referred to as the “heart” orgasm. Tantra teaches one to, at all times “be in your heart,” which means always being cognizant how positive the erotic energy is within yourself. The suggestion is that there is a possibility of transforming the blissful erotic feelings of sex into a complete orgasmic state that envelopes the entire body.

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At first, Tantrikas can have this type of orgasm after spending prolonged periods of time in tantric lovemaking. In time and with plenty of practice, they can evolve to this state using nothing more than focus and breathing. No physical touching or ejaculation is needed for this orgasmic wonder to occur, which is often called “thinking off.” This is a solo type of sexual experience but can be included in lovemaking with your partner, allowing the different kinds of orgasms to merge together. This enables the couple to transcend all peaks of pleasure previously thought possible.

Basicly speaking, everyone could benefit from a tantric massage, read more about Tantric Massage’s Benefits

You & Tantric Sex            

Tantric sex certainly sounds great, but can you enjoy Tantric sex if you haven’t spent years studying and without an Indian guru to help you on your quest? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, in their book titled, “Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy & Heighten Pleasure” claim that anyone can incorporate certain aspects of Tantric sex into their sexual practices. By doing this you can bring about a deeper and more enjoyable connection with your sexual partner as well as yourself.

tantric massage and you

  • Focus on Touch and Breath – Very often people become distracted mentally while having sex. Their performance is methodical and rote, worrying about things like daily chores, or they may become overly concerned and stressed about pleasuring their partner. By turning the focus to the sensations you’re experiencing from being touched and deep breathing, you can enjoy being in the moment and get the most from the experience。
  • Giving and Receiving are Separate – Sex is more enjoyable if partners do not try to pleasure each other simultaneously. Instead you should focus on pleasuring your partner and in turn, being pleasured yourself. Become alternately active and submissive to enhance sex. Johnson and Michaels said this begins with kissing. Let your partner explore the interior of your mouth with their tongue while you surrender and enjoy the experience. Then change places and you do the same to your partner. You will find it very enjoyable to devote your full attention to each and every sexual activity and experience the resulting sensations.
  • Tantric Massage and Meditation – Spend an hour or more to each experience a full-body massage with your sexual partner. This can include everything but intercourse. Your focus should be on totally giving and then receiving. Johnson and Michael discuss a form of meditation that you can try during sex: By standing face-to-face, or heart-to-heart with your partner, placing one hand on their lower back and your other hand between the shoulder blades and having them hold you the same way, you can connect in non-sexual ways. You should remain in this position for five minutes, focusing on your breathing and syncing with each other. By doing this you both may be able to discover new ways of being pleasured and develop a better understanding of how to interact with each other sexually and in other ways.
  • Shatter Taboos – In medieval times in India, many taboos existed regarding gender roles and sexual acts. Tantra has always encouraged us to shatter these old taboos and to come out of our comfort zone and our cultural norms. Be open about discussing with your partner your own sexual taboos and then go about shattering them! It isn’t necessary to do anything too bizarre at first; just try something a little daunting, something that has grabbed your interest in the past. It might be role-playing, a little bondage, oral sex or sensory deprivation. The point is to become more adventurous and to give up your inhibitions. Do not worry about seeming incompetent or unappealing to your partner just enjoy something new.

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Tantra is neither a faith nor a belief. Tantrikas are not gurus who devote their entire lives to studying to become enlightened. Simply put, Tantra is a manner of living and a way of acting and can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone. By assimilating Tantric philosophies of wholeness, openness and connecting into all areas of your life, especially your sex life, you can increase your pleasure and profoundly deepen the bonds you have with others as well as yourself.