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The Velvet Massage Sydney will connect you with qualified and experienced Tantric Therapists to ensure your Tantric experience is positive. The Velvet Massage Sydney will ensure the Tantric Therapists that are promoted on this site are all authentic Tantirc Therapists, all Therapists have received extensive training in Tantra / Tantric Massage / Nude Body to Body Massage / Kundalini Awakening / Prostate Massage / Male Awakening / Female Awakening / Nuru Massage / Yoni Massage; and more alongside their individual qualifications, offering you a very hands on approach and leading by example.

Prior to presenting therapist’s to clients, we ensure confidence are developed and their Tantric quality is of first class standard. Whilst each Therapist follows the Tantric path, each session is carefully created to each individuals needs. The Tantric Massage aims to connect you with therapist’s who will work with you to explore yourself within a spiritual sense and within a sensual sense using a combination of ancient and modern techniques all of which focus on your well being and pleasure senses. During your session you will have the opportunity to discuss what you would like to learn and explore, although your therapist will work with you, it’s often up to you to challenge or reflect upon certain specifics to help you move forward.

Skills can be attained through learning and experience, however there are certain characteristics and ‘energies’ that can only be born within the individual, and genuinely posses; charm, humbleness, passion and sensuality, it is our aim to ensure you are offered therapist’s that have a genuine interest in Tantra and a deep desire to help and provide you with a Tantric journey that is nothing less than pure brilliance and satisfaction. Only one who truly believes in this passionate art can offer you a real experience.

With Velvet massage goddess, her beauty will captivate your mind, her touch will caress you from your head to the tips of your toes with the true perfection, exploring and discovering your body, her touch releasing your tensions and negative energies. The true image of an intoxicating beauty, blending the delicate art of Tantra with passion and seduction, emitting her sensual energy and integrating the art of nude body to body massage, you will melt away and surrender your entire being to this beautiful nude Tantric Masseuse.

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