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Paddington, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Byron Bay., Sydney, NSW, Australia
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The genesis of White Dakini can be traced back to a young woman’s profound journey in search of truth, spirit, and self-actualization. For Charlotte, it emerged from practices that became pillars supporting her in the cultivation of strength, love, clarity, growth, and purpose in life.

The inspiration behind the business name unfolded during a transformative meditation session following Charlotte’s solo expedition to India in 2015. In a blissful vision, she encountered a humbly levitating dakini radiating complete peace, embracing her power amidst bare nakedness and the untamed surroundings. This vision birthed the essence of White Dakini, embodying a harmonious blend of serenity and strength drawn from the wild and untamed.

We provides:

Awaken Bliss Tantric Massage
Four & Six Hands Tantric Massage
Lovers Tantric Massage
Dual Sensuality

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Tantric Massage
Yoni Massage
Lingam Massage

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