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francesca tantric massage in London
francesca tantric massage in London
francesca tantric massage in London
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Kensington/Chelsea area, London, London, United Kingdom
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Francesca has built an excellent reputation as an independent masseuse within the field of sensual and tantric massage in London and thoroughly enjoys her ‘craft’.

* British born, university educated and globally bred, she has lived, worked and studied on several continents.

No escort service offer

Lingerie Massage

A blissful Therapy with me dress to thrill in exquisite lingerie!
In the introductory level Lingerie massage you will be stimulated with hands and forearms, but neither breast nor body as it is impractical. It is most suited to those on a budget or those who feel that they may be too tempted to touch. That said, delving underneath covered areas is grassly disrespectful and will abruptly halt your session.

Topless Massage

An enticing therapy in which you will sense my beautiful breasts brush against your skin.
The topless massage brings a narturing feeling of closeness, with the soft skin of the breasts pressed up against your body. Regressing us to a time when as an infant we were most vulnerable and cared for. You will lay back as a passive recipient and enjoy being stimulated top to toe by hands, forearms and breasts.

Naturist Massage

For those who are about equality, the naturist massage may suit better. After all there is nothing more settling than being at ease in the company of another, completely naked. This massage may include some body to body alignment. As with each of the massages there is not an interactive option.

Alternatively float onto cloud nine with a four handed massage in London. You will have my undivided attention and that of one of my equally sensual friends. You will leave feeling like a king!
Donations are double the rates shown. Please note the donation is shared equally between the masseuses.

Chakra Balance Massage

The Tantric massage focuses more intensely on bringing about balance and harmony to the Chakras. Using a unique oil closest to the refraction of white light, in addition to special breath work and stimulation of seven specific areas along the spine, it brings a unique sense of oneness.
Chakra (Sanskrit “Spinning Wheel”) refers to each of the energy vortices of the body of which there are seven major centres located along the spine. Each spins in opposing directions, ideally (but rarely) in harmony.

Please get in touch if you want to make an appointment or have an enquiry about one of my massages.

I treat gentlemen, ladies and couples.

Appointments range 45 mins – 2 hours.
Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat/Sun Midday – 9pm

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