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Have a sensual massage in London Victoria’s tantra massage…When you’ve had too much of the rush and noise of daily life, when you need a moment to relax and feel whole again, when you long to be tenderly cared for and remember the silence within… then it is time to visit us: at London Victoria’s Tantric Massage Temple you will find an oasis of peace and light waiting for you with treats that will delight your senses and make you feel like a king!

Do you wish to be happy? Where do you look for happiness? Does it come with wealth, education or social status? Is it a thing? Is it a place? Have you ever wondered?…

The good news is that YOU are and always have been the happiness you’re looking for. You just forgot this fact, being preoccupied with all the thoughts coming from your mind. This is where we come to help! Tantric massage literally takes people out of their minds and puts them into their hearts. And that’s only the beginning of the journey!…


The tantric massage is a very special, erotic body-to-body massage which will allow you to relax and enjoy the erotic energy, as well as to control it. Tense muscles represent energy blocks; therefore, the relaxation of the muscles will allow the energy to flow freely, eliminating tensions, blockages and inhibitions.

This is a sensuous Nude massage: During this massage you will be completely naked and the masseuse will be wearing a g-string. She will creatively and deliciously use her entire body (hands, as well as breasts, hair, feet, etc.) to massage your entire body. Both the tantric massage and the relaxation massage can be given by one or two masseuses.

This massage aims to awaken the entire body to the erotic experience. Men usually tend to limit it to the genital area, forgetting about the delightful sensations almost all other parts of the body can provide when touched in a skillful way. It is possible for men to experience an orgasm felt in the whole body as an unlimited state of ecstasy and love that can last for hours. The sensitivity of the body awakens and therefore the body can become one big erogenous zone. You should however not expect to experience this kind of whole body orgasm until the sexual blockages and inhibitions have been dissolved. This usually happens gradually and might require more sessions.

The massage is done in such a way that the entire erotic energy is controlled and directed upwards, to the higher energy centers. It will not be lost through ejaculation, but remain available in one’s being, to be used as whatever kind of energy one chooses: vitality, charisma, will-power, love power, intuition, mental power, or as “fuel” for spiritual states of consciousness. Tantric massage offers a chance to open the heart and feel loved and full of love, without any expectations.

After receiving a tantric massage, many men say that they have never before experienced being touched in such a sensitive way. Others say that their relationship to their bodies and their sexuality has changed permanently. You can relate to yourself in a new way once you are free of expectations and the need to perform and control. Old concepts of intimacy can change if you experience your own body with new, finely sharpened senses. A liberating freedom from desire occurs when you experience abandonment in a state of deep relaxation, opening up wider to the senses.

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