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Not massage, Dominatrix only.

My Dominatrix in London service is open to women, men, all genders, couples and poly relationships

Hi little one

I create bespoke multi-sensorial BDSM experiences to help you realise your cherished adult dreams. I work with emotions and interpret them through professional sadomasochistic sessions to induce an altered state of consciousness. With methods from the sensual to the unbearable, I will reconstruct you into a better version of yourself. Intrigued? Read on.

– What makes you a strict and fair Madam? –

It’s a delightful mixture. It’s about control, but more about shaping someone to be the best they can be. I’m always careful about taking on a new slave as they invariably fail to live up to My expectations. So…

– What should I expect in a BDSM session with you? –

I imagine there’s a lot of work for me to do there with you and that pleases me. I want to take you to those places and use each new experience as a way of bonding with you. How can you not want to be My slave when I’ve done all those wonderful things to you? While life is short, this is not about ‘fun’. Frankly, with us both living in interesting times, it’s possible to see a different person every night of the week. This is not what this is about – this is something much deeper and more important. This is about Madam and slave and transcends the quick fix of vanilla relationships. There will, of course, be psychological and physical corrections…

Our time will be used to ensure that we can work well together and that you can genuinely and happily take discipline and follow orders. I have no fear of chastising you and you need to remember that this is going to be the only way you learn. It’s going to be beautiful.

Madam Emilia

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