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Gloucester Place, London, NW1 6DS, United Kingdom
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The London Eros Erotic Massage is a well established tantric massage parlour in UK. Here you can enjoy the complex and magical London tantric massage, a delight of the gentle, sensitive and affectionate caresses. They will transpose you into a real heavenly symphony of the senses and of the elevated feelings.

As a guest in the Temple, you will feel enchanted by the sacred atmosphere that takes you out of the routine of daily life, and into A world of magic and mystery.

It originates from the ancient tradition of the Eastern spirituality and according to Kama Sutra, this type of initiating massage used to be the massage of the kings and queens.

How is the tantric living different?

This is a tradition which places great emphasis on the conservation of the erotic energy and the transformation and elevation of this energy into the highest states of emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness.

Tantric Massage Ambiance

The ambiance – a note of an exquisite oriental distinction. Private, romantic and perfect.

In the discrete light of the candles, deeply relaxed you will be surrounded by the harmonious and carefully selected music and by the natural and delicate fragrances. Your body will become a symphony of colorful sensations orchestrated by our hands and body. You will have the feeling of being carried on wings into heavenly worlds.

In our privileged and warm place you may find the balance of your soul.

By abandoning yourself into our magical hands, you discover the touch that you have always dreamed of. It is a special moment when you celebrate your body and soul with sensual and sweet touching…

Our Tantra goddess Team

Our team members are very refined and kind persons and they have a good knolege about the art of massage and the tantric phsilosophy.

Our lovely masseuses are very professional and senzitive. They have a lot of experience and can guide you to discover the fascinating mysteries of tantra.

Our sexy massage goddess are very warm and they try to meet your expectations and needs four a complete relaxation.

All the tantric techniques made in our massages for controlling the erotic energie are for those who want to live theyr lives in an intense and profound way. The technics are simple and help to increase the control of your pleasure.

Tantric Massage rules

We kindly require our guests to have a shower before massage. We offer all is needed for that.

Our London tantric massage services respect the tradition of genuine erotic tantra so, please note that during this massage sexual services are not offered.

Our staff has a high moral behaviour so please do not insist to receive other services than those related to massage.

All bookings can be made for at least one hour.

Please note that credit cards are not accepted.

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