Group classes & workshops

First timer? Welcome.
I’m glad you’re here.

A group experience…
at least my experience (taking and facilitating groups), is that they are really fun!

A Tantra class or workshop…
is a group of people supporting each other and experiencing themselves in unique ways.

In a group or a workshop…
I may have you pair off into partners, or use the whole group for the Tantric process of the evening.

I may invite you…
to do a visualization, breath work, sensory awareness exercises, or other Tantric methods of connecting, one other example is what I call “tribal breathing” (that’s a really fun one).

You always get to choose…
your level of participation, including limit & boundary setting. You also choose how much you want to have fun, laugh, dance, move, breathe, and all that, as it’s ultimately your choice as to how you participate in any moment.

In a group there is a opportunity…
to learn something about my relationship with another person, how I relate to myself, how to establish healthy boundaries, how to get to know someone in a deeper way rather than a fly-by (a superficial way).

There may be people who’ve never attended.
YES! Come In! And there may be people who have attended my groups before, (welcome back!) and it’s like an inclusive little community in that moment. The neat thing? YOU are the one who makes it that way (its really cool).

It’s a group of people coming together…
who are seeking to have a unique experience, to connect with themselves and with others in acceptance and discernment (that is, without judgment) and maybe to get out of their heads (e.g. intellectualizing everything, “let’s think about that…).

At the core…
of all group classes is the intention of creating a safe space and a space where we learn methods for creating deeper intimacy such as how to focus inward, quiet or even bypass the mind, open the heart, move the sexual and body energies and cultivate a loving attitude.

The group energy can be very inspiring, memorable, and often life-changing.


Some of the basics of…
A Group Class or Playshop

Wear either loose, tight fitting or no clothing at all!
(See the second paragraph below)

I invite you to either wear loose or tight clothing because in an Ashtanga yoga class that I’ve taken, I wore a shirt that was “in between” and found it actually hindered my breathing during the practice. In Group, we often breathe quite a bit and I want you to be comfortable.

A note about Naked Tantra classes and Playshops:
They are incredible experiences (as are clothed ones). All naked events will be listed as a Naked Event. If it’s not listed as a Naked Event, it’s not.

Come with an intention.
What is it that you’d like to experience in the session. How do you want to feel emotionally and physically during, and, after the session?

Bring a journal or paper and pen
so that you can remember and anchor in your experiences at a greater depth. The learning from a session can bring healing.

I’m Jim, your Tantra Coach,

Welcome to the group experience

Costs for a Group Session.

Package of four (4)

Package of eight (8):