FBSM is a sensual massage company based in central London , aiming at providing the best massage experience to gentlemen at London. We offer Asian style tantra massage treatments and also erotic Asian massage sessions.

Tantra is a path to sexual and spiritual satisfaction, allowing you to forget emotional and physical problems while increasing and prolonging sexual pleasures. Learning the true are of tantra takes commitment and a long time. You can, however, experience tantric pleasure through a tantric massage. This is not just an erotic massage with a happy ending, as it requires correct breathing technique and mind/body control to fully experience a tantric state.

Your tantric massage begins with complete relaxation, while beginning to stimulate each and every receptor within your entire body. It all begins with a deep connection between yourself and the beautiful sensual tantric massage therapist, so if you have a special requirement please let us know, as we want you to fully enjoy each and every stroke and touch takes care of all of your needs and desires.

Tantric massages require oil for proper lubrication and aromatherapy oils can greatly improve the mood and state of relaxation. Massage oils can be scented or unscented, and this is entirely up you. Our tantric massage therapist’s only use natural oils that wash off immediately in the shower or bath, so do not worry about residue being left over. During a lingam massage or yoni massage your beautiful Asian massage therapist will use 100% natural oil that is a great lubricant. She can also use brushes, feathers and satin fabrics to also enhance the sensuality so please tell her your preferences.

We aim to provide you with the most amazing sensual massage at London, so make sure to let us know if you have any special requests. We make sure to meet all of your special needs and desires to provide you with the most satisfying massage in London.

Nuru Massage

If you are ready to de-stress yourself then you need our nuru massage service, as our beautiful massage therapists will take charge of your entire body and deliver the most erotic massage you have ever experienced. Relax as she works every inch of your body, starting with your feet and slowly moving up to deliver erotic feelings and sensations throughout your body. Your arousal and sexual desire will continue to build up throughout the entire nuru massage.

You can also request a nude nuru massage, allowing your gorgeous massage therapist to use her hands as well as her entire naked body to achieve pure FBSM London. Sensual erotic massages have existed for many centuries, as illustrations and descriptions of erotic encounters can be found is ancient artwork and scripts. A Nuru massage improve intimacy between lovers, increases sensual and sexual satisfaction, and enhances the intensity of orgasms.

Contact information:

Website: http://fbsmlondon.com/
Location: Zone1, Central London, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 74488 36016