Differences Between Massage Types

Normal, Exotic and Erotic Massage: What Makes These Therapies Differ From One Another

Most people are under the mistaken impression that a massage is just a massage, but did you know that there are several kinds of massages you could choose from? When a person decides to go to massage therapy school, they are taught the most widely used massages such as deep tissue massage and Swedish massage.

However, there are more special kinds of massages that have seen a rise in popularity. These massages are rooted in traditional methods but have been tailored to ensure their uniqueness for today’s society.

Before you can become a massage therapist and use them on a client, you need to master the various methods. The question becomes, do you want to do this? There are all kinds of massages that are known as massages for formality reasons… and that’s all!

The intention behind them and the practical application is something different altogether.

Since there are so many kinds of massages, it’s no wonder that people can become confused with the names and what they are. People who decide to see a massage therapist often don’t know what a particular massage is and how it’s done before they go to massage the massage parlor.

Erotic vs. Exotic vs. Traditional Massage: Which One Is Best For Your Needs

It’s also the reason clients are confused about the different kinds of massages they can choose from, and which one would be best for their needs. One point of confusion is exotic and erotic massage. The names sound similar, which is why people automatically assume they’re the same thing.

They are NOT the same thing!

Of course, to understand how an erotic massage is different from an exotic one, and how these two massages differ from normal massages, it’s important you learn the difference. You can’t choose the massage you want without knowing what the massages do and how they work.

What Is A Traditional Massage?

traditional massage

traditional massage

Traditional massages include deep tissue massage, relaxation and Swedish massage, and are considered extremely basic types of massage therapy. The massage therapist will use their hands, fingers and feet to carry the massage out. Most people undergo the Swedish massage, and is coined the term “normal massage”.

People who opt for massage therapy school will learn the normal massage methods before learning about the specialties. Although there are an array of massages available, people often choose the normal one over the special ones.

A normal massage is the easiest massage type therapist will offer. An interesting point is the techniques for more than 90 percent of the variations go back to the normal massage.

There have been changes to the basic technique to carry out the various kinds of massages. For example, a therapist may use hot stones to do the hot stone massage. However, after the stones have been placed on the skin, the therapist will continue to do a normal massage.

With that in mind, if you ever hear clients say that what the simple normal massage, you can rest assured they’re talking about the Swedish massage method. You’ll learn all about this in massage school. Several massage therapist will go on to specialize in it, but most can carry it out expertise.

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What Is An Erotic Massage?

erotic nuru massage

erotic nuru massage

The most notorious massage to be done is the erotic massage. It’s been around for centuries and is considered the most sexual of all of them. In this massage, the therapist will focus on the client’s erogenous areas in an effort to get him/her aroused.

The key reason so much negative attention has been given to this form of massage therapy is the number of therapists who offer it. It’s just been in the past 20 years that people have understood who it works and more to massage therapy itself.

The areas given attention are what differentiates erotic massages from normal massages. The massage therapist will work on various body parts that lead to sexual stimulation. Bear in mind that the majority of erotic massage companies are not covers for devious business practices.

The intimacy level between clients and massage therapists is higher than you’d see with other massage therapies. Erotic massages are done for pleasure but help in the treatment for an array of sexual disorders a client may have.

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erotic tantric massage

erotic tantric massage

This kind of massage is legit. But, due to the inherent qualities it has, many folks have deemed it to be unprofessional. It’s why the reputation behind erotic massage is still so bad. It may be a bit of time before the practice is accepted and associated with other types of massage therapy.

Should you focus on erotic massage for your massage therapy business? It would be best not to focus on this form of massage therapy until times have changed and people’s perception have changed too. You may have a high number of clients who want this type of service, but explaining how it works could be a bit of a hassle. If you have no problems carrying out an erotic massage, then go for it. But, it may be best to put your attention on other massage therapies.

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What Is An Exotic Massage?

It’s imperative you understand that an erotic massage and exotic massage is not the same thing. Erotic massage focuses on the body’s erogenous areas. The exotic massage is more about the origins of massage practice. For instance, when people think exotic, their mind things Hawaii. China and Japan are also called exotic (or Asian massage). The exotic massages from Asian countries are rooted in ancient Oriental philosophy.

The problem is the name misleads people to believe one thing when it’s not, which is why when people hear exotic they think erotic and vice versa. Now, you don’t have to worry about making this mistake. And, the great thing is that more people want to have an exotic massage.

Massage therapy palors do offer sessions on the various kinds of exotic massages that can be done. For instance, the Lomi-Lomi massage is an extremely popular exotic massage, originating from Hawaii and practiced for centuries. This massage is well known for healing aches and pains.

Exotic massages are known for helping the spirit as well. People who go through Japan’s Reiki massage will find they feel at peace and relaxed even without their massage therapist touching them, although many sessions do have some sort of contact involved.

Okay, now you’ve learned how all three massages differ from one another. From this information, you can determine what method you want to learn in school and whether or not you want to focus on a particular specialty.