Sexual continence and Tantric Massage

Why does everyone want to have orgasms?

Because it is very nice? Of course! … But why do we feel exhausted at the end? Because no matter how happy we are during the common act of intercourse with ejaculation, we all become sad and exhausted afterwards

What if instead of living this orgasmic happiness for 1 min
ute we could extend it to 30 minutes or several hours?

Is this possible? Answer: YES! It is perfectly possible, especially if you know some essential secrets about making love with continence.

Sexual continence and tantric massage

Orgasm is the only experience comparable to the ecstatic states of consciousness. This is because it is generated by the intense polarization of feminine energies with the masculine ones. It can generate beatific effects in the depth of our being.

The basic idea is that instead of wasting this erotic energy through the regular orgasm with ejaculation, we can transform it and rise it into the upper stages of our being. We will use it just like a precious fuel, which will help us reach the ecstatic heights of consciousness. Does it seem too much? Our experience shows us that it is even more than that.

Let’s take a look at both situations:

Regular orgasm with ejaculation

Tantric orgasm without ejaculation
Explosion. The erotic energy is lost quickly and useless, then the feeling reduces gradually. Fatigue Implosion. Erotic energy is transformed and elevated into higher forms, causing unique states of refined pleasure. The intensity of the feeling increases constantly and indefinitely
Fast. The feeling of nostalgia appears that it all happened too quickly Beyond time. Plenitude feeling, state of happiness and joy of life
Pleasure is felt only in the body Pleasure is intensely felt both in the body and at emotional and mental level.
Passive woman/ active man Active woman/ passive man

Reflex act which gives the impression of animalistic living

Hyperconscious and controlled act producing a love bliss by ecstatic abandon
Movement. Lack of movement, alternated with slower undulations in both lovers.
Loss of large amounts of vital substances in the sperm and the specific vaginal secretions

Overwhelming erotic feeling always growing, even 8-10 hours continuously (if both lovers perfectly control their sexual energy).
Followed by a state of exhaustion. Viscosity at the mental level. Status of lucidity, inner strength and plenitude.
Woman frustrated that it ended too quickly. Exhausted man. Full sexual satisfaction for both partners
Due to the loss of erotic energy, emotions diminish and the erotic sensations become very reduced Due to the transformation and total elevation of the sexual force into other forms of energy, both during the love making experience and afterwards (two or three days in a row), the psycho-mental force increases and appears an overwhelming state of euphoria. The vitality, intelligence, imagination and even the para-psychical abilities (telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance) is amplified.

We challenge you to have the curiosity to experiment this type of massage and to apply in your daily lives the tantric principles. We are at your disposal with complete information on this because we have extensive knowledge and experience.