I have a problem keeping an erection. Will tantric massage help?

One day, I received an email from website: I have a problem keeping an erection. Will tantric massage help?

First of all it’s great when men ask questions like this. Too many men suffer in silence with this problem. Unnecessarily. It can be devastating on a man’s feeling of self-worth and wreak havoc on a couple’s sex life. Speaking about it openly is the first step to sorting it out.

In most cases the problem can be fixed.

Can’t get it up?

First of all the inability to get and keep an erection (a hard-on) is known medically as Erectile Dysfunction is much more common than most men realise. So don’t worry, you’re not alone and there’s lot’s of help and advice available.

I have a problem keeping an erection. Will tantric massage help?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition, particularly in older men. It is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it to some degree. – NHS Choices. (See the complete article here)

Not getting it up or keeping an erection has many causes so it may take a little while to figure out the exact cause in your case. An erection requires that many parts the body and the mind work together. That is why some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction are physical or mental.

Extreme tiredness
Hormone imbalance
some types of medication
Other reasons include, cardiovascular disease, injury (including head injuries), high blood pressure and diabetes.

So what should you do first?

If you suffer from prolonged erectile dysfunction we strongly advise you to see your doctor! In many cases erectile dysfunction is a symptom of a much deeper problem*. Consulting your doctor is the smart thing to do. Does that mean you should panic? No. It means that not getting it up could be telling you something really important. Yes, as a guy you probably think going to the doctor makes you a wuss. We think you’re a wuss if you make excuses and don’t go.

So, can tantric massage help?

Tantric massage can be helpful in some cases. Lots of men have seen an improvement after a number of tantric massage sessions, much to their relief! But in cases where the underlying reason is anatomical (physical) or medical the results may be less helpful.

If after seeing your doctor you receive a clean bill of health then the problem may be psychological/emotional. Speaking with a sex therapist or counselor may prove helpful.