The benefits & Approach of the Tantric Massage

Massage: Soothing Touch

Massages of all types, is a comprehensive care for the mind, body and life. Whether it is therapeutic, relaxing or sensual massage is a ritual of connection to others and contributes to physical health and overall well being of each individual. The primary benefit of massage is to reduce the stress level and then increase the sensitivity of all body parts. It is unfortunate that UK and especially in London, the art of massage is deprived of its erotic qualities. In East Asia and increasingly in Europe, it is considered an Art loving and personal development, which are included, its therapeutic benefits, as energy that erotic.

The Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a ritual taught in Tantra, causing relaxation of body and spirit, the harmony of man-woman energy, a better flow of energy throughout the body to make us more aware , with more sweetness and relaxation in life. Tantric touch takes you into a dimension of deeper relaxation. The partners, by connecting to one another to give vital energy. Their energies are given life and renewal. There is no loss, the energy grows in contact with the opposite sex and each cell is stimulated and invigorated.

The Essence of Tantric Massage

Essence of Tantric Massage

Essence of Tantric Massage

Tantra is not prescriptive, it does not say you must do this and that. The Tantric Massage can not be taught with technology, but soaking in a state of mind, the goal is not to be able to control the energy but to be able to indulge them.

“If you’re too focused on technical, you’re missing the mystery of Tantra. A Tantra based techniques, is a pseudo-tantra. When there are technical, there is ego and control. You are now in the state to do so there is one who does, this is the problem. Tantra is a state of non-doing, it can not be art. ” Osho

“If you bring the light of intelligence (in the sense of consciousness) in your sexuality, this light will turn. This will be more than sexuality, but something totally different, so different that you do not have a word for that. In the East we use the word “Tantra”. In the West, there is no word. When sex and intelligence come together when they are related to each other, they create a totally new energy, this energy is called Tantra. osho

So, learn to honor your body and that of the other as a sacred temple, to tame the touches and sacred energy that will lead you to consider your sexuality as a sacred ritual harmonization of the chakras is to say to encourage deployment of energy latent in human beings, to make access to the experience of joy and unity.

The Approach of the Tantric Massage offered at London Tantra Lounge

tantric massage

tantric massage

One moment of relaxation and communion divided, based on confidence, the receptivity and the abandonment, allowing the opening felt of all the senses. A complete sensory experiment. The massage shared with you is conceived to celebrate with love, crowned and the pleasure of being it, dimensions so much sensual and sexual, that energitic and spiritual of your body, and to allow you at the same time, the relaxation, rebalances it centers of energy (will chakras) and the attack of the crowned orgasmic extase.

All the touches, aim releasing latent sexual energy in us, (this energy is at the origin of any life on ground) at taming the sensual one and the erotism and so our presence with ourself, with our being in its totality (body and spirit). This massage is done all carefully, it is at the same time sensual, erotic, impresses Love and of compassion. We speak here about a tantric love and nonin love. Essence for giving, is tinted of an intention of pure love to get wellbeing and pleasure with receiving.

If it is true of saying that the benefits of this type of massage will be maximized by the depth of the felt feelings one towards the other, if the communion is done well between the two people, that their intentions are filled of the spirit tantric, its virtues are at all decreased by it. It should well be assumed the fact that sexual energy belongs to fundamental nature to be it, that all the cells of our body are sexual parts and contain in them vital energy. Will tantra proposes to admit this current of energy in order to allow him to circulate freely in the body and to make us beings of Love and Cosmic Union.

However, contrary to the other types of massages, the tantric massage does not suppose the acquisition of precise and exclusive techniques of touching body. Giving rather privileges the natural processes of innate sensory communication, leaving themselves inspired by ici-maintenant and tinted themselves of the conscience, intention crowned of all its gestures. It acts above all at the time of this meeting, to leave side its taboos, its preconceived ideas and to respect the natural movement of vital energy circulating between the two bodies.

The force of life is thus brought to instigate all the parts of the body and by addition all will chakras them It is possible to respect and celebrate its sexual desire like cosmic Energie instead of driving back it. It is possible to be lived sexually with pleasure, erotism and generosity. To work with its intimate blooming and to approach by tenderness, its sexuality and its sexual desire, it is to dare to be erotic, it is to dare to express our power to exist, act and enjoy. To enjoy is to be in communion with oneself and the universal one, at the same time in its body, its heart and its spirit.

This way of conceiving the massage, is a tender and sensual humanistic approach body, based on the share of the Universal Love. It is the art of the care of the body, of the heart and the spirit, the art of the sensual pleasures, Art to like in a pure and healthy way, by the means of the sensual touch, the transfer of energy and the caresses.

Here in London Tantric Massage guide, people can find real tantric massage or sensual massage treatment in London, take a careful look at massage list in our directory, and choose the right one that suit your needs.