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What it feels like to have a lingam massage…

This is the true story of a man drawn to the allure of the city’s renowned tantric massage services. Little did he know that what awaited him was far more than just a lingam massage; it was an encounter that would transcend the physical and open the doors to the realm of the soul…

I was on a business trip to London, drawn by the tantalizing tales of its extraordinary massage services. The city whispered promises of sensuality and transcendence, and I, the eager traveler, set out in search of the perfect sensual massage experience.

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A Run down of London Tantric Massage Parlours 2021

Great demand motivated me to list down numerous Tantric massage parlors, presently running in the city of London. This is not a marketing endeavor on my part, nor am I advocating for any of them in this article; I am just sharing contact data, which I have obtained.

List & info Updated: Jul 26 2021

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Get a nice tantric massage in London

Click here in case you desire to gain knowledge on the way Erotic Tantric massage parlors operate. As usual, there may be diversity in your mileage.

Below is my latest list of London erotic tantric massage parlours  information.

Lust Tantric Massage

The latest Erotic massage shop I know is Lust Tantric. It is being launched only this month in the Marylebone area of London. The staff here consists of at least one spectacular lady who has prior experience in the city’s tantra massage industry.

Web: www.besttantricmassage.com

Tel: 07423260068

Seventh Heaven Tantric Massage

Another shop that has recently come up is 7th heaven, comparatively speaking. This place has achieved numerous great accolades, although I do not know it well. If one was to judge by the pictures, as far as appearance is concerned the staff is beautiful!

Web: http://www.7thheavenasianmassage.com/

Tel: 07585877798

Eros Erotic Massage

Eros has existed for some time and has acquired the repute of high standard and reliability in regard to rates of service as well as sexy professional staff. Lisa and Anna, who are the latest girls, I have met them in person, real photo, fabulous!

Web: https://www.erosmassagelondon.com/

Tel: 07741857381


Another chic place available is WINKS. It is situated in central London and you are truly in the right place here. Marie and Kittie are extremely ravishing and the rest are a sight to behold as well! Do you doubt me?

Web: http://www.winkslondon.com/

Tel: +44 (0)20 7118 7118

Peachy (Closed)

Peachy is a place which is dependable and the staff is somehow large. Each person has their preferred place and for most people, this spot appears on their list.

Web: http://www.peachymassagelondon.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0) 7956682266

Karma Tantric London

Karma Tantric massage is a new tantric massage agency specialise in providing different type of sexy massage you’re in the mood for, from the more traditional Classic Tantric, to Japanese Nuru Gel and Aqua Bubble bathing rituals, our unique sensual massages are designed to free your mind and invigorate your body.

Web: https://karmatantric.com

Tel:  02078983212

Asian Fantasy London

Asian Fantasy is very aptly named. The staff they have rate high in the United Kingdom. Majority of the ladies working in this Erotic massage Parlor in London are lovely; however, this place appears to be a leader in connection to appearance, compared to others.

Web: http://www.asianfantasyescort.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0)777 660 8681

Cloud9 Massage

Although they are an erotic massage agency, they do offer a  competitive tantric massage service when compare with other tantra massage providers in London.  Cloud9 London is still another standard in this bustling city which never rests! It is not really unique; however, it cannot be faulted either. The London has a lot to offer (when compare with other part of UK, at least) and it is simple to fit in to the surroundings.

The good news for Cloud9 is that they present some really spectacular ladies on staff, such as the delectable Cindy and Avril. It is possible that their staff doubles in number to a lot of other joints as well. This signifies enhanced selections in case you turn up when your best option is occupied.

Web:  http://www.londonnudemassage.com/

Tel: +44 (0)7518 409 462

Embrace Massage

I do not know London Embrace Massage very well; however, it appears to score highly with others familiar with it.

Web: http://embracemassageuk.com/

Tel: + 44 (0)7582 221 786

Tantric Paradise

Tantric Paradise provides great service also and its long range of experience has earned it wonderful standing. Its staff consists of a huge number of sexy women!

Web: http://www.tantricparadise.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0)7918 113 143

Mystic Tantric Massage

Unlike its name, Asian Mystic London is not a blowjob bar (these things are not found in London). No, this is one more tantric massage parlor situated in Marylebone area. Crystal and Miranda provide a wonderful erotic tantra massage service.

Web: http://www.asiatantricmassage.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0)7423 091 696

That’s my list for 2015. It’s not inclusive, but I hope you’ll enjoy it. I don’t know when I’ll be assembling another.If it wasn’t clear before let me repeat that I don’t advocate or suggest anything on this website, which is intended for nothing more than entertainment.

As far as my knowledge goes, this is it. In case readers are aware of spots I left out, kindly leave me a message and I will update the list/