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Enjoy the oriental style tantric massage service in London, we are professional massage therapists providing best sensual services to people living in London.

Call us today on 07423091698 and get The best tantric massage in Baker street , Marylebone ! We also provide outcall massage services, you can enjoy our unparalleled massage service in your hotel suit or home.

About tantric Massage

Tantra involves elements of heart,breath,inner vision,body and soul.The combination of all of these aspects creates a powerful holistic experience. When you are deeply in touch with your sexual beeing,you experience the vitality and energy that arise when your sexual power is unleashed.You can use this erotic energy to feel more dynamic and satisfied with life.

Our Tantric massage is more like a form of body worship. Using relaxation and breathing techniques,the massage begins with slow strokes, caressing you all over. You will experience the skilful,magic hands of an attractive female and feminine energy, slowly relaxing you into pleasure with rising excitement.

One difference of Tantric Massage London is ejaculation control- through tantric breathing techniques and the power of your crutia perinea muscles or pelvic floor, you can control and prolong your orgasm. With control of your orgasm, the intensity of your pleasure will rise and fall, your inter-sensual energy will become aroused and start to flow, spreading and radiating throughout your body, creating an expanded state of pleasure and feelings of bliss. Finally, you will be brought to a high level of sexual energy, gathering all of your sexual power until, at the end of session, you experience a whole body orgasm.
Tantric technigues teach you how to unlock your energy and use it to bring bliss into your lives.

Benefit of Tantric Massage
Relaxes Muscle
Relieves Tension Headaches
Strengthens the Immune System
Reduces Depression
Relieves Stress
Increase male power
Treats Premature Ejaculation
Deeper Sexual Pleasure
Teaching Relaxation Breathing
Tantric Breathing

The Tantric breathing techniques can be used in a number of different ways as an introduction to a wonderful and relaxing massage or a way of prolonging and heightening the pleasure of your orgasm. Similar to Yoga, some of the breathing methods could be used as a way to begin a new day with a new and open mind and establish a connection between our inner and outer being.

If you want to learn these simple, yet extremely powerful techniques, then you could visit a Tantric massage temple, or practice them with your partner. Typically the partners face each other, with their hands placed on the other person’s knee or hands, and the session begins with “soul gazing,” breathing, and relaxation that can help you see “beyond” the physical and reduce your self-awareness. The duration is normally anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes and the exercise might feel unusual at first, but only after a week, you are likely to appreciate its power.

Tantric breathing is also used as a way to learn how to practice tantric sex, which is prolonged, more sensual, and far more satisfying sex than you have ever imagined. It combines prolonged foreplay with sensual touching and slow lovemaking, which is likely to leave both partners completely satisfied and recharged. Taking deep in and out breaths could help both partners completely chase away any negative thoughts and worries, which is essential for enjoying the physical bond and relationship that they have.

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