Welcome to Karma Tantric Massage in London. To book a session please contact us on 02078983212.

Our Sensual Tantric Massage combined with, Unique Yoni and Tantric Pampering rituals are guaranteed to soothe you and let you have the experience of a life-time.

Our therapists are kind,as well as fun,and are sensitive to all you needs.

Tantra is a unique, spiritual path to celebrate the body’s, emotions and sexuality by integrating the spirit, with the heart .

In so doing, love becomes very much enhanced, leading to a divine communion with greatly increased intimacy and much more besides.

Tantric massage is a sensual massage, which by arousing the senses, aims to balance the male and female energies to create a harmony were both can achieve the goal of spiritual unity with the universe.

TANTRA and yoga are in some ways contrary. Were yoga controls the body and mind in order to harmonize with the spirit, tantra seeks to use the mind to balance the demands of both body and spirit . It is the the ‘yoga of relationship ’, to the universe and to the love of your partner.

Tantra is a very ancient spiritual practice using conscious sexuality as a catalyst for transformation. It originates from man’s per-historic concern over fertility as well as creation, and their connections to the creative energies universe .

TANTRIC MASSAGE as administered by our qualified and trained therapists, will teach you how to sexual pleasure expand into bliss and ecstasy.

The Goddess of TANTRIC MASSAGE will aid in the healing of you body, mind and soul, their sensual massage will bring about a transformation to any emotional, energetic and spiritualL needs, as well as to the body’s physical desires.

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Welcome to our Tantric Massage London

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