Please note, we are not a massage parlour, and we don’t offer tantric massage service to individuals, the membership here is only for tantra training, practice and ceremonies. For Tantric massage services and other erotic massage services please visit our massage therapist section.

Members advantages

If you are interested in learning more about tantra you can become a member in our temple which will give you access to special initiations and events that we organise. The annual membership fee is 50 Euro. We will inform you about the dates for the initiations and events. These are only open for members.

Today, our special seminars offer an opportunity to those who are truly interested in making a change for the much better in their lives, and who are ready and open for this.

The initiations are made up of a theoretical part in which the subject is presented and discussed in detail to a maximum of two members. You will also receive a practical technique each time. You will then receive a special massage with music specifically chosen for each initiation. Well guided by us you will receive a massage and then you will also learn how to practically do the technique you just learned and of course also practice it together. After the massage we will come together andl have the chance to ask questions and exchange what you experienced. We will do our best to always have symbolic gifts for you as well, which will help you practice, including the printed notes of the topic of the initiation.

Special ceremonials for the members

Our loyal members can benefit from certain special ceremonies ingeniously prepared by us.

In the era of speed, we no longer allow ourselves the time to enjoy the sensations the senses offer us. We live everything at a high pace: we have fast food, quick reading, hasty touching, and so on. We are thus drawn away from sensations that could touch our soul.
These ceremonies will slow down the pace of your life, in order to give you time to savour and enjoy it.

The “Ritual of the five senses” is a complete exploration of the five senses in a delicious, sensual manner.

Being guided step-by-step, this ritual will allow you to rediscover the fascination of each sense, helping you to explore and awaken each of them. This will remind you of what it’s like to live life fully, with an open and curious heart. Explore your soul, riding the waves of refined sensuality and intimacy.

“Sultan night” is an occasion to feel like a king or queen for one evening. You will be treated like few have the chance to experience even once in their whole life. This treatment is a delicious surprise.