Essential Oils for Tantric Massage

For balancing your chakras, I highly recommend the use of our high quality Essential Oils. We carry the finest essential oils that money can buy, we use these essential oils ourselves for everything from insect bites, to sexual/sensual massage, to meditation. Anointment of these oils on our chakras and vital points brings us a sense of well-being and calm among other things. I have practiced aromatherapy and have used Essential Oils for years now, for just about everything. I really love it, and would and could not offer it to you if I did not believe in its validity 1000%!!! They are truly the finest oils available.

If you have not really used essential oils for health, healing or erotic tantric massage, I would highly recommend a starter kit A, with 12 of our most popular oils, our starter kit B , consisting of 12 additionally popular scents, or our largest kit starter kit AB , consisting of 24 vials, so that you can experiment with the many different scents.

Here are a few very important essential sensual massage oils that every meditator should have, whether you use them for sitting quietly in meditation, or as a perfume or fragrance, or massage or health purposes, I feel no home should be without the oils listed below. These have a very high frequency of vibration, and should be a part of everyone’s “medicine” cabinet. Although I have used them in very diluted form on my own dogs and cats, please use EXTREME caution when using around pets (especially birds, who are very, very sensitive.) If in doubt, do not use on animals, and also, please consult with me first.

Frankincense is considered a holy anointing oil in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It was well known during the time of Christ for its anointing and healing powers. (“…[T]hey presented unto him gifts, gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.” Matthew 2:11) Frankincense is now being researched and used therapeutically in European and American hospitals. Frankincense is stimulating and elevating to the mind and helps in overcoming stress and despair. Used on all chakras, especially the first three, and the third eye.

Sandalwood is high in sesquiterpenes and has been researched in Europe for its ability to oxygenate a part of the brain known as the pineal gland, the seat of our emotions. The pineal gland is responsible for releasing melatonin, which enhances deep sleep. Sandalwood is similar to frankincense oil in its support of nerves and circulation. It was used traditionally for skin revitalization, yoga, and meditation. Use on all the chakras.


Ylang Ylang may be extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation. This native flower of Madagascar and the Reunion Islands is symbolic of love, and the fragrant, pale yellow petals are often strewn across the marriage bed. Its soft, floral scent is often used in men’s fragrances as an alternative to the sweeter and more feminine rose. Especially nice on the heart chakra.

massage oil for sensual massage

Patchouli uplifts spirit and elevates spiritual consciousness. Use on the throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra.

Rose was used during ancient times to increase the aura around the body, bringing a delicate sense of strength and protection while creating a feeling of wholeness in the realm of one’s own spirituality. Its frequency protects against the bombardment of negative energy. I love this oil. I rub it on my shoulders, over my heart chakra, third eye, on the crown chakra and in my auric field for protection.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. ********************************************************************************************

I advocate the use of essential oils for body massage,facials, chakra massage and just about everything else. The use of oils on the chakras is an advanced practice, recommended for those who have an understanding of the chakra system in tantra. You can learn more about tantra and the chakras in our book “Tantra, Sex, and Meditation Secrets“.

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