Diksha by a True Satguru

A famous Satguru from India will be giving individual personal healing sessions and diksha sessions.

Guruji is not only a self-realized Master by Birth but also a very powerful Cosmic & Tantra healer, the like of which is difficult to find elsewhere in today’s times.

In the Cosmic Healing sessions, Satgurudev heals the person at a very high level, thereby erasing a large part of his karma. This healing massage has a holistic effect, benefitting the person physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. The person’s environment, circumstances etc. all are benefitted immensely. This healing has a long term effect and the benefits are sometimes carried forward even to the next birth. The energy used by Satgurudev is drawn from very high sources, sometimes from other galaxies. This he is able to do because of his unmatched high psychic powers.

The Diksha session is a tantric healing method. In this, only specific problem of the person is taken care of. Satguruji uses divination methods to select which higher energies are needed for the help of the person, in that situation. The appropriate energy, be it of some god, goddess, angel or rishi is then channelised by him in concentrated form into the person. He then selects the yantra plate that is a complete representation of that godly energy, energises and makes it fully potent and gives to the person. A mantra is also given to be chanted by the person for a few days.


Guruji has more than 35 years of clinical experience as a medical practitioner. He is a qualified acupuncturist, colour therapist and Master Dowser. Being aware of the inherent limitations of Allopathy, Guruji began scientific inquiry, research and experimentation into alternative systems of healing and medicine, which can give complete solution to human sufferings. After regularly observing practices of Indian systems of yoga and meditation and healing exercises for 25 years, he has developed the method of COSMIC HEALING through divine guidance, with a unique attunement to receive the maximum amount of cosmic energy for healing purposes. During initiation, Satgurudev channelises COSMIC ENERGY to participants to raise their mind power, uplifting them spiritually and enabling them to become powerful in MIND for overall improvement in their quality of life.

The divine mission of Satgurudev’s life is to alleviate the widespread sufferings of the common man, be it of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or karmic origin. He wants to take this simple yet highly powerful system of COSMIC HEALING to every family, so as to make the world a better place to live in.

Through the divine method of DIKSHAS, Sadugurudev channelises the energy of gods, goddesses and other divine energy forms to the person who is in need of that particular energy, for a particular purpose. Those problems of human life are solved which people cannot solve themselves, because of karmic blocks, mind conditionings and daily life hassles.


In today`s times, it is a matter of great luck to see divine power in human form. 5 years ago I got such a chance when I had darshan of Sadgurudev for the first time. Guruji is truly divine with infinite spiritual powers. His powers are not bound by time and space and reach all parts of the world. In different countries, people have benefited by his healing(diksha) powers. After taking initiation(diksha) from Guruji, there have been pleasant changes in all my family members. My husbands anger has vanished. With Guruji`s blessings, my daughter has come close to God & through healings in free healing camps, is helping lot of people get good health. Also, after initiation(diksha) from Guruji, my intuitive powers have increased a lot. I come to know of events that are going to happen, for eg, when my daughter-in-law was expecting, I saw a new-born girl in a vision. Soon after, she delivered a baby girl. Then I saw Shivji and Sai Baba in vision and soon after had a chance to go to Shirdi and Trimbekeshwar for good darshan. With Gurujis energy, I have also helped lot of people to be free from chronic problems.
Sarita Trehun, Gurgaon

I am a housewife. I used to have lot of problems in daily life routines. I used to have lot of difficulties in handling them. There were worries about childrens studies, marriage and career. Also, I was having problems in my relations with relatives because they started blaming me unnecessarily. I started going into depression and did not feel like doing any work. I used to always be in tension and stress. One day I came to know about Healing(diksha) and felt that maybe my problems can be solved here. I took initiation (diksha) from Sadgurudev and learnt the techniques of meditation from him. Thereafter, my mind power started increasing. With the help of Satgurudev, I started progressing in mind and my daily life problems started getting solved. My confidence level also increased tremendously. All my worries started vanishing. Satgurudev knows all about our past life karmas and tries to alleviate our sufferings as much as possible. I am attached to this organization since the past 2 years and have a very pleasant experience.
Veena Jain, London

I am a school teacher in MCD school. Before 3 years, my family came under the guidance of Guruji, and since then lot of positive changes have come about. My wife was ill since a very long time. There was a spirit inside her since 25 years. We took treatment from many well-known tantriks and pandits but there was no relief. Then Sadgurudev gave my wife healing(diksha). Thereafter, the spirit has gone out from her body and mind, and she is gaining good health. Earlier my financial position was very bad. My salary used to finish in 3-4 days itself and for the whole month we used to face lot of hardships. There was no prosperity at home. But now, with Guruji’s blessings, we never have to ask anyone for financial help. We used to be always worried about our childrens careers. But now we are at ease since both our son and daughter are on the way to bright careers. We are blessed to have come in Guruji’s care and protection.
Hansraj, USA

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