Tantra & Sexual Energy

We are energy…

Just like everything else in the universe a human being is energy. At the smallest level the tiniest waves of energy make matter (the physical body) and living activity within it (mental, emotional and spiritual).

Even a brick has a highly organised energetic structure that holds the atoms together and gives it its physical qualities. Naturally, the human energy system is also extremely organised and complex, with a whole spectrum of different frequencies interacting in different processes, from the lifecourse-taking psychic energy of Karl Jung to the basic maintenance lifeforce of chi.

What is sexual energy

Sexual energy is the bioenergetic reality behind all of our sexual moments. Whenever we are sexually active (which can be anything from a light attraction and a slight arousal with a sexual thought to full-blown sex) it is the sexual energy in action. In Tantra they call it Kundalini, in Tao they call it Ching.

sexual energy flows

This is not to say that our sex organs, the skin, the hormones, our desires, fantasies likes and dislikes are not how our sex happens. They all play an important part. But the picture is not complete here. These are just the most obvious aspects of our sexual being, the buttons and stimuli, the receptors and the mechanics, but they are all connected to the bioenergetic juice of sex, the sexual energy. Sexual energy is not just a flow of electricity through your body. It interacts with all aspects of our sexuality – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We all come from a small ball of sexual energy. A human reproductive cell carries physical material and sexual energy. When we are conceived the human body develops from the DNA and parallel to that all of the complex human energy system comes from sexual energy.

Not all sexual energy is transformed, however. A part of it stays within us to become our own sexual energy and “sleeps” in a reservoir in the groin. This is what we pass on to the new generation all of our sexuality is powered by it.

Sexual energy is very powerful

Few of our aspects are as powerful or as important as sexual energy. Sexual energy is the undying fire that we carry from generation to generation, it gives life to us, it nourishes life through us and it is an engine for human race. It moves us like no other. Ultimately, our search for romantic love, family, sexual experience, sexual attraction is usually at the top of our priorities and ultimately a call of sexual energy.


Sexual energy is a very unusual part of our beings, a very different kind of bio-energy It is a very raw, primordial energy, the seed of life, unrefined and difficult to rule. Anyone will know how hard it can be to resist or cause sexual desire. Many times this ancient force takes over us. It is not like chi, for example, which is a much more refined and “domesticated” frequency of energy and can be manipulated with martial arts or Chi Kung. Sexual energy can be accessed only in a sexual state, any attempts to work with it asexually are fruitless.

What sexual energy can do for us

Sexual energy is a huge creative force. We come from it. It is the mother of all human bioenergies that can feed them all when we care for it and drink from it. Every time the energy expands during a sexual experience into our being, it can be hugely nourishing on all levels, reviving everything and making everything alive.

Obviously, it brings us pleasure and happiness, and much more when we are harmonic with it. But sexual energy is also one of our most powerful resources. Is not just a battery charge for our health, youth and longevity, it is also a psychedelic source that makes a transformative impact on our whole being from the tiniest emotions to spiritual purpose and creativity. This is why in Tantric tradition Kundalini is harnessed for personal growth and creative process and in the Taoist tradition it is an important area of medicine and vitality.

Sexual energy is completely positive, it never does harm. Its function is to create life. We are ecstatic when we bathe in it deeply. The only reason we sometimes suffer in sex is because a sexual experience wasn’t harmonic with our sexual energy – through someone else’s actions or through our own lack of knowledge and ability to access it.

Sexual energy is an ancient force, it has its own dynamics and universal laws – what nourishes it, what harms it, what helps it flow and what stops it. Not to be confused with human morality laws on sex, this is just the reality in our universe and we don’t get to choose it.

Often, however, we are unaware of those realities or demand control over them, blocking the energy and limiting our experiences. We have a lot to gain through getting the right insights and understanding the principles, letting the energy enter us in a harmonic way. It doesn’t need to be in conflict with variety, spontaneity, exploration, romanticism, love and desire, we just need to harmonise those with the realities of sexual energy. In fact, there is even more beauty, pleasure and love when we go with the energy and not against it.

When we approach the sexual energy in a way that lets it grow free we don’t just uncover a great resource for health, youth, wellbeing, vitality and personal growth. Harmonising with a strong and healthy sexual energy opens great new potentials for pleasure, fulfilling sex life and deep love to our partners.