Western Tantra vs Eastern Tantra from the v perspective

Tantric massage in modern world from the perspective of an erotic masseuse.

Hi guys, there is an article I want to share with you,  this article is originally post at Eros Massage, by Anna – an erotic masseuse in London, UK. It contents some flaws but it brings an objective perspective to talk about the tantra massage in modern world, especially when there are so many misunderstandings and argument across internet.

Tantric massage in modern world from the perspective of an erotic masseuse

Tantra concept and Tantric traditional massage techniques should be adapted to the needs of the clienteles in cities as London.

I know some of you will be ready to kick me on my behind just for the title of this post. Hold your horses and please let me explain.

There is no such thing as Eastern Tantra or Western Tantra, no one should offer Eastern Tantric Massage or Western Tantric Massage, and of course there should never be a ‘VS’ in between. Now that I have said that, I hope no one has a special interest in kicking me on my behind any more, so let’s proceed.

As a tantric practitioner or massage therapist, your learning never ends: sensual, erotic, sport, holistic, tantric massage therapist, we need to be researching and learning new techniques and different approaches in order to keep bringing the best of us to our sessions. I often conduct research on the internet, because as a business owner I need to see what other people are offering and what you guys are demanding in order to keep ahead of the game. During my research, I see clients who complain because they did not obtain relief, massage therapist who complain because clients were asking for it and they do not consider it part of their work, etc…

In traditional tantra you learn to use your sexual energy in order to improve any situation in your life at any level, emotional, physical or spiritual, and in traditional tantra, whatever you practice – tantric sex, tantric massage, etc – the goal is to learn to control your body in such a way that you could have an orgasm without ejaculating, which happens when we cross that barrier between our physical body and our mind on a spiritual state. So when practitioners complain about what I said above, they have a point if they are working with clients interested in tantra as a philosophy of life or they already mastered the sexual energies and the self-control of the material body or if they were practicing on a tantric sanctuary in Asia where half of the people will know what they are talking about.

Erotic massage is simply an experience where the goal is your physical pleasure, whereas Tantra massage is a form of therapy, usually a longer session where the therapist will get more involved in order to understand your needs and help you to improve your life. But we need to be consequent and to do exactly what we said – understand the needs. Tantric massage, especially Tantric massage, is a massage session with a serious high sensual component, therefore the client and half of the time the therapist is going to get aroused and a sexual excitement has to be expected. If you are capable of having an orgasm without ejaculating that’s great, if not you can learn, but in the mean time as a therapist I need to allow my client relief with his body and help him to feel this. Otherwise what I am creating is a constricting energy, which is on one hand worse and on the other hand he is going to feel frustrated and with no reason because he still does not understand the aim of a tantric session and sometimes this is not even what he wants. Someday he may get it or maybe never but during the process every time he will still get the benefits of a tantric session.

The differences between western and eastern culture are obvious. Westerners are more into the physicality of the body, Easterners are more conscious and aware of the spirituality, whether they practice or not, therefore the approach to tantric has to be different, especially at the beginning.

Clients need to understand and be clear about the difference between a Tantric, erotic therapist and an Escort. You could discuss your needs or fantasies with your tantric therapist, whatever makes you feel more comfortable, but there is a line that when crossed means you are asking for sexual services and when this happens you need to go to an escort not a tantric therapist.

As Massage therapist we need to understand our clients, be flexible and realise that not everyone is at the same point, and to understand that sometimes a client is going to remain a physical person no matter how many tantric massage sessions he does. But it is up to each one of us to accept or not accept the service. What we cannot do is to accept when we know what is going to happen and then prevent going by the book because there is not a written book with the rules.

A traditional tantric massage session considers ejaculation to be a waste of sexual energy because when we ejaculate we throw that energy out of our system; therefore it is a waste for us. Western tantric techniques, session, or modern tantra massage session allow the client to ejaculate because we know not everyone is ready to explore their sexuality outside their physical body.

Namaste !

Original url: https://www.erosmassagelondon.com/western-tantra-vs-eastern-tantra/ by Anna of Eros massage London