What is a Yoni Massage ?

Tantric massage has a special session for women – Yoni massage. Yoni is the sanskrit word for female genitalia, also known in Tantra as the female flower.

In Tantra we embrace our entire bodies and all of its functions with love. In this day and age we have been discouraged of this but Tantra is about celebrating our life and celebrating the magic that happens between male and female energy, the miracle that creates life.

The Yoni Massage is something that has never been accepted by society, through Tantra, we are all pioneers, liberating, breaking the chains of judgment that society bounds us to.

Yoni Massage yoni massage consists of a unique combinations of twirls, stokes and techniques including labia shiatsu, energizing pressure points, angel stroking and many more techniques.
It usually starts of from the inner thighs circuling slowly inwards, the Yoni Massage can be external only or external moving to internal.

Yoni massage for healing, designed for connecting the heart, mind yoni healing and yoni, once in a deepened state of relaxation using meditation , visulization and N.L.P you can break free and heal old wounds.

Re-empowering yourself through Yoni Healing can be a fresh start, embracing self love, self respect and attainng sexual freedom.

Embrace the Goddess within yourself!

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