Communication with your partner is the way to better love

How to talk to your partner about…

“Sex is more than an act of pleasure… it’s the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Communication is the best sexual technique a man can have. Once you’ve learned how to talk with your partner and truly listen to what she says, you’re well on your way to enriching your sex life and helping her experience powerful orgasms during sex.

Some subjects, though, can be difficult to broach, especially when there’s the potential for embarrassment, confusion or hurt feelings, as is often the case when a couple tries to discuss the sexual aspects of their relationship. But you’ll find that if you approach these subjects tactfully and with sensitivity, you and your partner may learn a great deal about one another, even if you’ve been married for 25 years. Read more

A tantric massage therapist talking about sex education

How to educate your childern about sex

As a tantric massage therapist, I’m very open about sex and talking about sex. However when it comes to educate my childern, I have to be more careful.

As parents, we have a responsibility to give our children the tools they need to behave responsibly when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, many of us were raised in a culture that treated sex as something shameful or taboo, which can make it difficult to talk openly and honestly with our kids. Read more

Tantra Sex

Tantra Goddesses or Tantric “Sluts”

In recent times, the intersection of sex and spirituality has become a topic of great interest in the yoga world, with media revelations about ritual sex, nude yoga, and “yogasms”. However, amidst this discussion, one group of women has been largely overlooked: the forgotten high priestesses of sex, the “debauched” yoginis of Tantra.

Despite conventional scholarship which has often labeled these women as low-caste “sluts” exploited for ritual purposes, religious scholar Miranda Shaw has uncovered a very different history in her book Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism. According to Shaw, these women were not mere “consorts”, but powerful gurus who were once held “in awe, reverence, and obeisance”. Read more


What is Tao and Taoism

Taoism, an ancient Chinese tradition and religion, stretches back through the sands of time to a bygone era some 1,800 years ago. It was during this time that Master Zhang Taoling (张道陵) of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220AD) organized a religious Taoist group, forever altering the cultural, ideological, political, and economic fabric of ancient Chinese society. Yet, despite its historical importance, Taoist thought holds no concern for “God” or any religious tenets.



The literal English translation of the Chinese word Tao (道) is “way” or “path,” embodying the essence of Taoist thought as a journey or exploration of one’s inner self. For many Taoists, the definition of Tao can be extended to mean “method” or “principle,” giving rise to the proliferation of various philosophical and cultural tracts that utilize the term Tao in their titles or descriptions. However, within the Chinese language, the same written character can represent multiple meanings, allowing for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Taoism. Read more

Improve your life: 6 Ways to Achieve Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has been linked to numerous benefits, including improved mental health, increased resilience, and better physical health. To develop the power of positive thinking, one can start by using positive language. It is important to use words such as “I can,” “I am able,” and “it is possible” when thinking and talking. Additionally, surrounding oneself with positive individuals can create a contagious environment that promotes optimism and success. Read more

hand massage as sensual massage

A Hand massage as alternative

When done with focus and care, hand massage can be a surprisingly good alternative to a full body massage when the situation does not allow it. It can be relaxing, therapeutic or sensual if you wish. Below you will find links and information on how to get the most out of a hand massage. Read more

The Wheel of Reincarnation

The Original Tantra, Part 3

This is the third and the last part of the long article [The Original Tantra] . I have translated his article from Finnish. The article is based on the book Tantra Illuminated by Christoper Wallis.

You can read the 1st part here and the 2nd part here.

In non-dualistic Shaiva tantra, like in the Buddhist tradition, the cause of suffering is considered to be an erroneous view of our own nature. Or can we say that in that view of ourselves we consider all and everything?

You can look at it for a moment: try to create a picture of yourself in your mind. Does it include how you keep your blood running, how you use oxygen to convert nutrients to energy, or how you move your hands by sending signals from your brain through the nerves? Often our picture of ourselves does not include our relationship to our environment, does not include those relations that make our existence possible from moment to moment. Read more

Kashmir Shaivism

The Original Tantra, Part 2

Here’s a second part of the article The Original Tantra. It’s a guest blog by a friend of mine, Anssi Pitkänen and I have translated the article from Finnish.

As you can see, the so-called “neo-tantra” does not have much to do with the origins of tantra. If you would like to read about how the development happened, here’s a great article about tantric sex just for that.

Whenever we research a philosophy different from our own, we need to review our fundamental ideas about reality. The entire framework that directs our thinking needs to be put under scrutiny. Many religions are “meta-narratives”, stories about the world, which dictate what kind of stories we create for ourselves when we are in this world.

Meta-narratives can correspond to reality for better or worse, but their great value lies in the fact they also touch the question: What kind of world do we wish to create for ourselves? Read more

The Original Tantra

This is a guest blog by a friend of mine, Anssi Pitkänen. Anssi has a great analytical mind and I admire his ability to coherently express complex topics. This text is an article he wrote about the book Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis and ideas behind it, and I have translated the article from Finnish.

The article is quite long, so I will divide it into several shorter pieces so that we have time to assimilate all the information. This first part is an introduction to the entire article and the idea of Non-dualistic Shaiva Tantra.

I wanted to add this article to the blog, because through it we can explore the philosophy of tantra. It helps us to widen our understanding of tantra as a way of life and a spiritual path. Read more

Yogic detox

The Yogic: Detox and Cleanse for Your Body

The spring is soon knocking on the door on the northern hemisphere, sun is shining more and days are getting longer. This is naturally bringing us to the point where it is nice to dust off the winter and welcome the warmer part of the year. I personally notice that I start to crave different kinds of greens and sprouts in the spring and warmer and sunny days feel very uplifting for my mind.

In this article I am going to describe some of the best detox and cleanse methods in a tantric yogic way. The methods I will describe here belong – mostly – to the yoga kriyas. Read more