Can a Man Really Become Multi-Orgasmic?


Can a Man Really Become Multi-Orgasmic? During my 5 years practicing of tantric massage & tantra sex, I get asked this question a lot. For the record, the answer is Ohhhh Yes!!! From the tantric perspective, orgasm is not a goal or completion of sex, but rather an aroused physical and emotional state that literally can be experienced throughout one’s entire being. The longer one lingers in this aroused state of excitement, the more energy and life force they can absorb and radiate. A man may have multiple orgasms without ejaculating and yet actually feel energized in the afterglow. As a woman, I can only tell you that it’s extraordinarily satisfying to be with a man who can continue to ride wave upon wave of pleasure with me. It creates a deeper and profound feeling of union.

The techniques that assist one in developing these skills can be learned and mastered with practice. Physiologically, it is possible for a man to have orgasm without ejaculating. Sadly, it is also possible for a man to ejaculate without much physical pleasure at all! Orgasm and ejaculation are functions that are activated by separate parts of the nervous system. Although they often do occur simultaneously, each of these functions can be experienced independent of one another. To a man this means prolonged and multiple orgasms are possible without an ejaculation.

During ejaculation, sleep hormones are produced and released in the brain. An immense amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids as well as vital energies are lost in the ejaculate. Although austere Taoists such as Mantak Chia, author of the best selling book, “The Multi-Orgasmic Male” may disagree, I believe that this depletion factor does not mean that a man should never ejaculate except to procreate; but rather to do so with consciousness and wisdom. When a man ejaculates, if he plants his seed along with an intentional thought or vision, it becomes a conscious conception; whether it’s for a baby or an empowering state that one can conjure and imprint, it is infused with the creative life force.

the tantric orgasm
A non-ejaculatory type of orgasm for a man can occur repeatedly without him feeling exhaustion. Once a man comes and “spills his seed” he’s usually spent; especially if he is past the age of 35 when his hormone production begins to slow down. Tantric practices offer a man the ability to maintain a level of heightened arousal with numerous peaks and multiple dimensions of exhilarating pleasure. Many men find this to be more satisfying. The key is to be able to be excited and relaxed at the same time. On the “pleasure scale” of one to ten, a man must learn to maintain a level seven (which is heaven) for as long as he desires. Breathing and movement exercises can assist one in opening up to feeling fabulously aroused while calm and centered at the same time. Orgasm is deep like the ocean, we cannot control it, yet we can learn to ride the waves and experience great pleasures and the immense benefits that it brings.
Depending on a man’s health, his age and other conditions, frequent ejaculation can be depleting. With tantric methods he can learn to actually re-absorb his vital essences and become empowered by them. When a man doesn’t ejaculate during orgasm, he is able to effectively move the energy and fill his body with a highly charged and oxygenated life force. Through the simple techniques that Tantra teaches, a man can reach an orgasmic state that satisfies on a deep and peaceful level. In fact, men who don’t release after sustaining high levels of pleasure often feel energized and rejuvenated afterwards. This expanded state can last for days and can lead to a more refined sensitivity towards pleasure. This profound experience can be enjoyed solo, or with a partner. With proper guidance and practice, men often find a tantric orgasm more pleasurable and satisfying than an orgasm with release.
When a man experiences multiple orgasms it awakens him to feel a very similar experience to a woman’s sensations. Men have often reported to me feelings of pleasure that rise to their heart with a lightness and glowing warmth that radiates throughout their body. Men who are multi-orgasmic have the potential to become more emotionally intimate and able to join with a woman in conscious sexual bliss. When a man discovers his ability to relax into pleasure, it takes him to a new level that can only be understood through direct experience. Relaxing into pleasure is a gateway that can open him up to realizing his full spectrum of orgasmic states.

As a Certified Tantra Educator I can assist you to discover what is possible and appropriate for you. Ultimately it is your choice – Do you want to lose the power of this dynamic force or cultivate it and discover the full range of what’s available to you as a multi-orgasmic man?

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