… The Satguru has enormous healing powers comparable only to the most powerful spiritual persons. He is also an adept in the tantric sciences and has been healing people through the traditional methods of mantras and yantras. He is a very powerful telepathic healer too, and it takes him only a few seconds to heal people anywhere in the world.

· Are you looking for a powerful and faster healing system for yourself and others ?
· Are you suffering from any physical, emotional or spiritual ailment without proper cure from other systems?
· Are you interested in getting more mind power and success in life?
· Do you want a powerful healing in the privacy of your home?
· Would you like to know how your past lives are affecting your present life?
· Would you like to protect yourself and your family from evil psychic attacks of others?

Diksha by Satgurudev, India

Recently, I have decided to let all of you get the benefits of Dikshas, which I have been already doing for a few persons coming to me.

Dikshas are based on giving you the higher godly manifestations with their powers. They will help and guide you to achieve your goals in material and spiritual fields. The various Gods everywhere are the manifestations of SUPREME ENERGY.

These Gods and Goddesses have different qualities in human form. You have to get the correct God or Goddess and its energy and make use of it for your own benefits of health, wealth, happiness and spiritual growth. First, you must know which God or Goddess is good for your present problem. Second, you must be able to get it inside you for use and success. Both of this will be done by me through our traditional way of mantra and yantra. This is Diksha.

Diksha is transfer of energy and mind power from a guru to another person for better material or spiritual result. Dikshas are based on traditional guru-disciple principle and Indian Tantra System. At the end of Kali Yug our sages found that due to more reduction in mind power, the already existing mantra systems were not enough. So they formed the tantra and yantra system to give more faster results to humanity on mind power. This is more suitable for the present faster world where you don’t have time for other time –consuming procedures.

Two things are important 1. Guru must be capable of passing higher energies of Gods and angels. Diksha is not just passing some energy and chanting mantras. If it is only mantra power, then the person himself or herself can chant and do without a guru. 2. The person getting the diksha must have a right time and karma to get good result faster, otherwise the result will be delayed. This will be decided by the Guru by intuition.

Dikshas are done by touch, by looking, by words or by distant method with or without a photo. This could be done even without the consent of the person. Healing is different from Diksha. In healing, it is a procedure of intention of healer with supreme energy, as it is with healers mind and power. In Diksha, it is a specific form of energy sent for a specific purpose connected with present need.

During Diksha many things are done:
1. A particular God or Goddess or angel or Rishi , in its own energy form and qualities is given. This stays with you until you get result or according to karma.
2. Sometimes Gurus own consciousness goes inside with the already selected form of God or Goddess to give human touch.
3. The energy form is sent to a particular place in human energy field according to the requirement.
4. Because of higher divine form sent inside, all other unwanted energy forms are pushed out automatically as a cleansing effect.
5. A mantra is given after selection connected with the divine form.

After Diksha usually a yantra is given connected with the divine power of diksha. Sometimes more than one diksha is given for a different need.

All of us want that our personality should become magnetic, others should also get inspired by our words and works, and by this we should always be remembered. Our life pattern is based on our thoughts, environment and our own inner strength. Even our bodily functions are primarily based on our subconscious mind. To achieve our worldly and spiritual aims, we spend physical, mental and monetary power, yet many problems remain a challenge for us. We find no help from anywhere, even our closest friends and relatives are helpless, since they are themselves struggling with their own problems. But instead of feeling helpless and frustrated, we have the choice of increasing our inner strength and power of mind. How is this possible?

Instead of relying on our own limited powers and resources, we can take the help of divine energies to achieve our various purposes.

The Satguru is giving us dikshas as a boon, is meant to make our personalities magnetic and fill our lives with light and power. This diksha is very good for those people who aim at attaining the higher Siddhic powers, awakening their charkas and kundalini, tapping the aid of various gods, goddesses and other divine energy forms and raising mind to heights of spirituality.

After receiving this diksha, the ordinary human personality will become attractive and impressive. The power of mind will increase and the person shall be able to make correct decisions even in difficult circumstances. Negative thoughts will start reducing and memory, concentration will increase, thereby making the person more efficient. Subtle cosmic energy will fill the aura of the person. Fear, doubts and despair shall vanish. The consciousness and energy of all-powerful and peace-giving Satguru shall be felt within.

Guruji gives most of the dikshas distantly only. Dikshas are given in two ways. Either the person tells a particular problem and Guruji analysis by divination method which divine energy from the person needs for solving that problem. Or the person leaves it to Guruji to find out if some diksha is needed and if yes, which one for his overall material and spiritual progress. A yantra is given in many cases after energising. Also a mantra is selected and given to be recited for a few days. Thereafter, Guruji takes over and does the follow-up work.

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