Tips to convince your partner to try Tantric Massage

Tantric massage may be a bit of a mystery to you, but that is no reason to ignore it. You could be missing out on an amazing experience. But isn’t tantric massage all about sex? Well, no actually. It’s all about developing close relationships with ourselves, our partners and an energy in the universe. Sexual energy is one of the most potent energies that can open gateways to altered consciousness. It’s also a pretty good way to enjoy intimacy with a partner. And you get a massage thrown in for free – bet that got your attention!

So, now I’ve got your attention, here are a few reasons why you will enjoy tantric massage.

Undivided attention from your partner tops the list. Not many people get that opportunity, but tantric massage is all about celebrating your partner’s body and anointing it with love. Massage is erotic and carried out with the use of fragrant oils. You will be treated like a goddess – you know you deserve it.

  • If you relationship has become a little stale, you can ignite it with tantric massage. Tantric massage gives you the space to devote solely to each other.
  • You can use just about anything you want as part of a tantric massage. Experiment is the key. Feathers, pine cones, chocolate, you name it you can use it. Tantric massage is all about the senses and feeling the different sensations that different items have on the body.
  • Tantric massage will lead to an increase in self-confidence. You may not exactly be a shy retiring daily, but trying tantric massage with your partner will increase your communications skills with each other, and this will translate into your daily life.
  • You will learn more about your body and your wants and needs. We do not pay much attention to our bodies on a regular basis. During sex, if we like something then we do it. Tantric massage will enhance that feeling and will teach you to respond to and ask for what you want. You may feel a little self-conscious at first, but you will soon feel that melt away as your partner caresses every part of your body.
  • Tantric massage can help you enjoy a more sustained lovemaking – and you know what I’m talking about! Many couples use tantric massage as a prelude to sex. This is great because it not only gets you both in the mood, but the techniques that are used help to extend the foreplay so that orgasm can be more controlled, allowing you both to orgasm simultaneously.

If you like the idea of tantric massage – why not give it a go? You can find handy tips and tricks on the internet, or if you have a bit of spare cash available, why not consider enrolling in a tantric massage course? This will not only teach you the basics of tantric massage, but will also teach you about the more spiritual aspects of it too. So, turn the lights down low, light the scented candles and put a spark back in your relationship!