Insider: What to expect when you book a Tantric massage at London

Editor: this is an article posted by Rachel, a Tantric massage therapist, practicer and business owner.

Candles and stones in a calm zen spa environment.

Tantric massage Therapy is a special massage that arouses your spiritual life force while soothing your body and senses. It is a celebration of your whole being and will encourage you to completely relax, and will help you to master your sexual skills.

During a tantric massage therapy session, I work with the chakras, which are the energy centres of the body, and which ideally should be balanced. However, the reason why many of my clients come to me for tantric massage is that there is an imbalance in these energy centres, which means that not all the chakras are working at the same level.

calm environment for tantric massage

There are many reasons for this and the most common reason is that one or more of the chakras is blocked, which provokes a general imbalance in the other chakras; some will be overactive and others underactive. These blocks keep us detached from our emotions, our feelings and of course our physical sensibility. The primary aim of the tantric massage therapy session is to clean your system from these blocks.

The tantric massage Therapy session seeks to awaken the kundalini, which does not happen suddenly and especially not in the early sessions, because during a tantric massage session the awakening is a passive one, which means that we let it be.

What is kundalini? Put simply, it is pure energy which you already have but which most of the time is dormant. Through tantric massage we awaken this energy and we align this energy with your chakras along your spinal cord. For many people it is like an electric sensation, for others it could be colours, but the effect is energising and regenerating, because this is one of the purest forms of energy, pure and strong. Therefore the awakening should take place at the right moment, when your body and your mind are prepared for it. This is why it does not happen during the early sessions, which are intended to help you to prepare your body and mind for the moment.

Why describe this as therapy? Like most holistic massage, tantric massage is about communication. As a tantric massage therapist, I communicate with your body, your energies, your unconscious in order to help you to eliminate these possible blocks and then to nurture during the process for you to obtain all the benefits. This is why I describe tantric massage as a form of therapy.

the london tantric massage session

During the sessions, you learn to use your sexual energy in order to improve any situation in your life at any level, emotional, physical or spiritual, and to learn to control your body in such a way that you could have an orgasm without ejaculating, which happens when we cross that barrier between our physical body and our mind on a spiritual state. This is why the tantric massage sessions are usually longer sessions – the therapist needs to get more involved in order to understand your needs and help you to improve your life. It is a philosophy of life.

When a male client is nurtured by a female therapist, we are working with the different type of energy, so for the masseuse it is nessensary to be able to communicate with your unconscious with a higher level of understanding. Of course, tantric massage, especially erotic tantric massage, is a massage session with a seriously high sensual component, and it is understandable that the client and sometimes the masseuse will get aroused, and a sexual excitement has to be expected.

A traditional tantric massage therapy session considers ejaculation to be a waste of sexual energy, because when we ejaculate we throw that energy out of our system; therefore it is a waste for us. If you are capable of having an orgasm without ejaculating, that’s great. If not, you can learn, but in the meantime as a masseuse I need to allow my client relief with his body and help him to experience this.

We modern tantric massage practitioners are flexible and we understand the client’s need to ejaculate because we know not everyone is at the same point and ready to explore their sexuality outside their physical body. And if they do not obtain relief at the end of the session, what is being created is a constricting energy.

However, clients need to understand and to be clear about the difference between a tantric massage therapist, an erotic masseuse and an escort. You should not confuse tantric massage with tantric sex. You might discuss your needs and fantasies with your female tantric massage therapist, whatever makes you feel more comfortable, but there is a line that when crossed means you are asking for sexual services and when this happens you need to go to an erotic masseuse or an escort not to a tantric massage therapist.

Namaste !
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