“See an escort or a Tantric masseuse?”

Dear readers, today we invited Mia, a tantric massage goddess from London to talk about a sensitive topic “See an escort or a Tantric masseuse?”

Hi !!

In line with other recent posts I like to bring up a new subject that I guess will start a nice discussion here on the blog.

The question I like to put forward is this: what are the pros and cons of seeing a Tantric masseuse versus seeing an escort? First of all I am very non judgmental. So whatever your reasons are it doesn’t matter to me.

I have clients who see both. And I have clients who only come to see me and wouldn’t even think of seeing a different masseuse let alone going to see an escort. So lots of differences out there to explore.

Some people argue that seeing an escort makes you feel much more guilty towards your partner because it is active sex and often includes oral and/or penetrative sex. Seeing a Tantric masseuse is a passive experience. You lay down being the receiver and it is all done for you in a nice and stylish way. And there are clearly defined limits that exclude (at least in my practice) any form of oral or penetrative sex.

Tantric massage is also spiritual. The relaxing of the soul is as important as the relaxing of the body. Seeing an escort is a more physical experience for obvious reasons.

So why see an escort or why rather enjoy a Tantric massage ? Well of course there will be a million answers as we are all different people with different needs. One thing is for sure: never trust people who in public speak out in a very strong fashion against seeing a masseuse and/or an escort as they might be the most enthusiastic clients them selves……

Dear blog visitors: I like to hear from you about this subject. Let’s have a nice and decent discussion about this. I find it fascinating to hear many different opinions and you always learn something about life.

Thank you and have a great day !!


About the Author, Mia a tantric massage goddess currently working with 7th Heaven, she used to be an independent escort and found her path to tantra later.