Jyotish, the Ancient Vedic System of Astrology

The Sanskrit term “Jyotish” is derived from the root “joti” meaning “light” and “isha” meaning “god”. Thus, it means the science of light- the light within each of us that is a microcosm of the light of the universe.

This science of light was divinely revealed to the rishis, or sages, ten to twenty thousand years ago, and passed on orally for generations. Later they were finally transcribed and became an important limb of what has been called the world’s oldest scripture, the Vedas. The study of Jyotish is an integral component of tantric practices, along with repetition of the mantra, worship of the Goddess and the initiation by the Guru.

Jyotish is the science of self-realization through which everything becomes known. While Western astrology is extremely beneficial for analyzing character and personality, the Vedic system is an amazingly accurate and predictive science that reveals everything imaginable, from mundane to spiritual, from sexual to cerebral, from past lives to future incarnations.

The Jyotish chart is a blueprint of our karma resulting from our past lives, showing how that karma affects our current life. It reveals to us our tendencies and talents, our weaknesses and strengths, our abilities and attachments, everything that affects our body, mind and spirit, and when, where, when, and how events are likely to occur. More importantly, Jyotish offers remedial measures, such as gems and mantras, not only to minimize or to improve the negative aspects of our charts, but to correct and even alleviate any adverse planetary influences. Vedic astrology provides us with tools to confront our demons and also indicates the best times to successfully undertake our pursuits.

Tantra is a holistic art that weaves many threads of knowledge into a vibrant tapestry. The tantra aspirant would benefit by having some knowledge of Vedic Astrology, for this is a blessed gift to us from the ancient rishis and the Universe.

Essential Oils for Tantric Massage

For balancing your chakras, I highly recommend the use of our high quality Essential Oils. We carry the finest essential oils that money can buy, we use these essential oils ourselves for everything from insect bites, to sexual/sensual massage, to meditation. Anointment of these oils on our chakras and vital points brings us a sense of well-being and calm among other things. I have practiced aromatherapy and have used Essential Oils for years now, for just about everything. I really love it, and would and could not offer it to you if I did not believe in its validity 1000%!!! They are truly the finest oils available.

If you have not really used essential oils for health, healing or erotic tantric massage, I would highly recommend a starter kit A, with 12 of our most popular oils, our starter kit B , consisting of 12 additionally popular scents, or our largest kit starter kit AB , consisting of 24 vials, so that you can experiment with the many different scents.

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Diksha by a True Satguru

A famous Satguru from India will be giving individual personal healing sessions and diksha sessions.

Guruji is not only a self-realized Master by Birth but also a very powerful Cosmic & Tantra healer, the like of which is difficult to find elsewhere in today’s times.

In the Cosmic Healing sessions, Satgurudev heals the person at a very high level, thereby erasing a large part of his karma. This healing massage has a holistic effect, benefitting the person physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. The person’s environment, circumstances etc. all are benefitted immensely. This healing has a long term effect and the benefits are sometimes carried forward even to the next birth. The energy used by Satgurudev is drawn from very high sources, sometimes from other galaxies. This he is able to do because of his unmatched high psychic powers.

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… The Satguru has enormous healing powers comparable only to the most powerful spiritual persons. He is also an adept in the tantric sciences and has been healing people through the traditional methods of mantras and yantras. He is a very powerful telepathic healer too, and it takes him only a few seconds to heal people anywhere in the world.

· Are you looking for a powerful and faster healing system for yourself and others ?
· Are you suffering from any physical, emotional or spiritual ailment without proper cure from other systems?
· Are you interested in getting more mind power and success in life?
· Do you want a powerful healing in the privacy of your home?
· Would you like to know how your past lives are affecting your present life?
· Would you like to protect yourself and your family from evil psychic attacks of others?

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The Healing Power of Erotic Punishment

The psychological backgound

Many of us are brought up by their parents using the method of withdrawal of affection. We have done something wrong, we may not even know what, or been somehow not good enough, and the response from our parents is disappointment, disapproval, the withdrawal of active expressions of love. This can be quite subtle, the parents would probably deny that they are punishing the child, but to the child it feels existentally threatening. The child feels a fear of abandonment, emptiness, a lonely ache in the belly and in the first chakra. The nourishing life force of love and approval has been cut off.

The child longs for contact, a reconnection with acceptance and life. It longs to be given energy again. But what energy is possible when it has been bad, has been a failure? Anger, punishment is the only credible contact. And, although fearful, even this is better than the nothingness, the deadness of being cut off. So, trembling, the child desires what it fears: a punishment in the form of contact, to receive the anger directly where the empty aching is, in the first chakra. This is not so much a desire for pain as a longing for an intensity of contact, intense enough to feel met in one’s (“bad”) self. Part of the desire is for the intangible, confusing, psychological punishment to become tangible, clear and physical. If directed to the first chakra, the bottom, the existential punishment is transformed – the message is “you are there, you are worth getting angry with” – and the gift of energy is received with a surge of sexual aliveness. Vague feelings of guilt are purged from the body in the sexual area where they are located and one feels purified, renewed, grateful for a new start.

bdsm tantra

People often get interested in the BDSM scene because it addresses their unconscious desires without revealing them. (Some people seeking bdsm experience from private mistress or escort services) The use of fetish gear, leather, rubber etc. can play an important role in coming out with these inner desires, stepping through fear and secrecy and feeling a sense of identity in belonging to a new “family” in the scene. Dressing in fetish gear can disguise and compensate for childhood feelings of shame and vulnerability. The child’s feeling of humiliation is often acted out, but if the desires are not connected to their roots then healing is not possible. Instead we repeatedly act out these desires – pleasurably, but without healing, so that each time hunger is appeased but the spirit not nourished and we soon feel hungry again. When desires stay unconscious in their origins, even if given space and permission in BDSM rituals, they can often acquire an obsessive compulsive character.

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Sexual Healing and Pleasure

Have you enjoy the pleasure about tantric massage? The tantra is not only about the pleasure , tantra means lots more…

Why study sexuality? Isn’t it just natural? Instinctive?

Yes, in biological terms, sex for procreation is instinctive. But human sexuality is much more: by going beyond sexuality as a physical act and exploring the energetic level of sexuality we can go high in pleasure, deep in love, and moreover discover sexuality as a doorway into expanded consciousness and spiritual experience.


Precisely because it is this doorway, a direct path to experience the divine, and moreover to find the divine within ourselves as we experience oneness, sexuality has been demonized by those religions and their priests that have usurped that position of offering access to god and have exploited the power this position endows. Our birthright of experiencing our connectedness energetically with creation and with our potential as creators has been stolen from us, and the illusion of our separateness created to keep us small, isolated, in fear and therefore manipulable.   We have learned to feel shame around our bodies and our sexual pleasure, to feel guilty about experiencing pleasure, or even to see it often as sinful, for example when exploring the sensations of our own bodies and our capacity for excitement. For over two millennia our culture has been predominantly anti-exstatic and anti-pleasure.

This leaves a huge inheritance of sexual wounding, repressive attitudes and moral judgments to heal, so when we begin our personal sexual healing we are also taking on the healing of the collective. Even our present, post sexual revolution culture cannot conceive of sexuality as a spiritual path, and prefers to associate tantra with orgies.

Post Freudian psychotherapy recognizes different stages of sexuality: ocular, oral, anal and genital. Each stage can be blocked in terms of the healthy development of the individual by our energetically illiterate society, so in the training we revisit each stage to complete that phase, both grounding sexuality into the total life experience of the individual, and integrating these steps into a balanced personality. The ocular stage is complete when the individual feels bonded, at home on this planet as a human with other humans, and fully incarnated in his body. The oral phase becomes complete when the individual feels trust in the universe to meet his needs, not so much in material terms as in supplying experiences that lead to learning and growth. The anal phase is about becoming an individual who can stand on his own feet, enjoy the tension of challenging authority and be in the I – thou relationship. Reich regarded the genital character, with his ability to discharge his tensions, as already healthy, but tantra guides you through two more stages of sexual development: the whole body sexuality, where the sexual energy is spread throughout all the body, creating a defocused, goalless, holistic sexual experience; and energy body sexuality, where the sexual energy leaves the physical level and is experienced primarily in the energy body, creating the possibility of shamanic journeying, ecstatic out of body experiences, and an approach to the world of spirit.

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The energy body is not a concept that is known in our culture, and we have to turn to Tantric and shamanic practices to find out about it. Through suppressing, ignoring and deriding this ancient wisdom, our culture keeps our knowledge limited to the physical-material level of existence. The experience of the energy body’s existence and perceptions turns those mysteries of life – love, sex, how relationships work, health, religion in the sense of connectedness, spirit – into everyday reality that one can clearly perceive, follow, and respond to.

Conventional western sexuality has one goal in mind, that of orgasm. The orgasm is experienced as a pleasurable discharge of energy accompanied by a feeling of relief and relaxation. It lasts on average between 8 and 12 seconds.

Tantra has a different approach. Tantra argues that the experience of orgasm comes from tension, as the expanding sexual energy encounters barriers of tension in the pelvic floor muscle which limit that expansion. The solution to this impasse is the discharge of the energy and the temporary release of the muscular tension as the pelvic floor, the psoas and in men the scrotum go into convulsion. Tantra invites you to relax beforehand, to relax into the energy, so that as it expands it meets no barrier around the sex, and begins to spread into the legs and belly. If the diaphragm is kept relaxed it can flow into the heart, and if the membrane at the base of the skull is relaxed (the jade gate is open as the Taoists say) then the sexual energy meets with consciousness, opening the way for ecstatic experiences. Moreover, the energetic expansion need not stop at the limit of the skin: it can continue into the energy body, nourishing and cultivating our identification with ourselves as a light or energy being.

Without the goal of discharging, our usual ambiguity towards our sexual energy – we want it and at the same time we can’t wait to get rid of it – is resolved, and the sensation of fear or anxiety that is created by the tension in the muscles is healed. The experience becomes one of being in the sexual energy rather than doing something with it. Our sexuality becomes one with our aliveness, with our awakeness, our trembling with the experiences of life. As we go deeper into our sexuality instead of releasing it we discover more nourishment and satisfaction. We become more interested in quality, rather than quantity. Moreover, our sexuality is not expressed merely genitally, but becomes part of our general aliveness, intelligence and creativity in all our contacts.

Step One: the Return to Innocence

  • Understanding the stages of our sexual development – oral, anal, genital, holistic – and allowing our growth to continue where it has been interrupted
  • Healing shame and guilt and learning to love and honour our bodies as the sacred temple of our spirit.
  • Increasing the amount of pleasure in our lives so our base is fullness not neediness, generosity not calculation, so that our sense of self is based not on having boundaries, but rather on our freedom to respond.
  • Learning to take responsibility for our own sexual pleasure rather than be dependent on others.
  • Expanding our sensitivity, our openness and our techniques for receiving and giving pleasure.
  • Connecting sex and heart.

Step Two: sexual healing

  • Healing massage for the genitals, yoni and vajra, to heal old wounds and increase sensitivity and the ability to relax into excitement.
  • Deep pelvic massage to release tension and fear in the first chakra, and establish a base of aliveness and pleasure in one’s life.
  • Recognising and communicating one’s wishes (sexual communication); being in touch with inner reality and with a partner simultaneously.
  • Exploring the dance between the physical body and the energy movements of excitement and expansion, pain and contraction, and letting the pelvis become a vehicle for pleasure.

Step 3: Giving and receiving pleasure.

  • Learning to relax into excitement, and experience sexual pleasure as a state of being, without performance anxiety, goalless, and stressfree.
  • Learning to experience the pleasure potential of the minus poles of our sexuality – the G spot for women and the prostate point for men.
  • Using blended stimulation to experience whole body pleasure and orgasm.
  • Balancing the stimulation of the plus and minus poles of our sexuality to experience prolonged states of pleasure (valley orgasm) and energy body orgasm.
  • Learning to follow energy without preconceptions, letting go of expectations.
  • Healing negative beliefs and claiming pleasure as our birthright.
  • Surrendering to ecstatic energy.
  • Raising the sexual energy into the heart and spirit centres.

What is a Yoni Massage ?

Tantric massage has a special session for women – Yoni massage. Yoni is the sanskrit word for female genitalia, also known in Tantra as the female flower.

In Tantra we embrace our entire bodies and all of its functions with love. In this day and age we have been discouraged of this but Tantra is about celebrating our life and celebrating the magic that happens between male and female energy, the miracle that creates life.

The Yoni Massage is something that has never been accepted by society, through Tantra, we are all pioneers, liberating, breaking the chains of judgment that society bounds us to.

Yoni Massage yoni massage consists of a unique combinations of twirls, stokes and techniques including labia shiatsu, energizing pressure points, angel stroking and many more techniques.
It usually starts of from the inner thighs circuling slowly inwards, the Yoni Massage can be external only or external moving to internal.

Yoni massage for healing, designed for connecting the heart, mind yoni healing and yoni, once in a deepened state of relaxation using meditation , visulization and N.L.P you can break free and heal old wounds.

Re-empowering yourself through Yoni Healing can be a fresh start, embracing self love, self respect and attainng sexual freedom.

Embrace the Goddess within yourself!

Commercial erotic and sexual massages

Tantric massage as a commercial massage servcies:

Commercial erotic and sexual massages are provided by independent providers who may be prostitutes. These providers may or may not know about tantric masages.Their broader sexual services include handjobs, oral sexual services, or sexual intercourse. The term tantric massages are also used by commercial sexual massage services to legitimate their services in certain jurisdictions. Commercial sexual massages also offer a ‘happy ending ‘by the introduction of a handjob after their massage sessions. If you search enough then you can always find places where the practice of traditional tantra is followed in your town.

UK sex law:

Massages & tantric massages is legal in UK.

According to UK law:

In the United Kingdom, prostitution itself (the exchange of sexual services for money) is legal, but a number of related activities, including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, pimping and pandering, are crimes.

Read more about: Sex work in the UK: Just what would decriminalising prostitution mean?

Please note: It is illegal to buy sex from a person younger than 18, although the age of consent for non-commercial sex is 16.